Unique Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers in 2022

Unique Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers in 2022

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect gift for someone you care about. A good starting place, though, is to think about their hobbies, their interests, and where they like to spend their freetime. This can help brainstorm ideas that feel personalized, tailored to the person getting the gift, and make the entire thing that much more special. Not all passions are super easy to buy gifts for, though. For example, the universe of tea, while vibrant and layered, is relatively simple when it comes to the equipment necessary. That being said, there are plenty of avenues to take gift giving in the realm of tea.

When it comes to getting gifts for tea-lovers there are a lot of choices that you can make as the gift-giver. Whether you want to indulge them in new tea variants that they haven’t tried, or want to add a piece to their collection of teapots and infusers, there are lots of choices you can make when getting gifts for tea lovers!

Cozy Mugs and Blankets

First on the list may seem relatively simple, but there is a beautiful elegance to cozy tea mugs and cozy blankets. It’s really more a match made in heaven than a gift, but it’ll do the trick without question. The great thing about tea mugs is that they come in a whole range of sizes, shapes, and designs, and can even be customized! In that vein, a good tea-mug can not only be warm and welcoming, but also a signature and representation of personality.

For example, for the multi-passionate individual, a custom tea-mug might feature their favorite sports team, or their favorite author, or a quote from someone famous they admire. This adds a level of customization that goes a level above adding any old mug to the collection. Not that adding a big cozy mug with a different cute design would be a bad gift either!

Sips by Box Subscription

A Sips by Box subscription is an absolutely amazing gift for tea lovers who love to explore the many varieties of teas from all over the world. This is a month-to-month subscription that delivers over 140 cups of tea across four different varieties straight to the doorstep. The varieties of teas that the recipient gets each month changes, keeping things fresh and delicious.

On top of that, the recipient gets to try new teas each month from all across the globe. Teas that they may never otherwise get to taste. This won’t only feel like a special gift, it will keep taste buds tantalized for months on end. Another cool feature about a Sips by Box subscription is that the time-frame is variable too. You can start with a little 3-month subscription, but for the true-tea-enthusiast, there are even longer subscription options.

Peppermint Tea Box

Another fantastic idea as a gift for tea lovers is a peppermint tea box. This is a box full of peppermint tea varieties! While not every peppermint tea is going to taste the exact same, that’s part of the beauty of the tea-world anyway. These tongue tingling teas burst with minty freshness and transport you to a wonderland.

The peppermint tea box makes a specifically excellent holiday gift or a good gift for the cold-season in general, when a hot cup of minty warmth sips like heaven.

Unique Teapots

Unique teapots and tea steepers are also wonderful gift ideas for tea lovers. While most tea lovers will already have all the necessary equipment needed for brewing tea, there is always room for another teapot. Especially one that’s chosen for you by someone special. Teapots are like tea mugs and tea steepers in that there is a massive variety of them. From style, to material, to design, a teapot can say a lot about a person.

Choosing a teapot can sometimes be a little bit of a personal journey. As such, it makes an incredibly lovely gift coming from someone who knows the recipient on a very personal level. It also helps to know what type of teas the person enjoys the most, and how they typically like to prepare it.

Wrapping Up on Gifts for Tea Lovers

The world of tea is one that is nearly as ancient as the world itself. It has been around for centuries and even longer, has deep cultural roots, and has been a subject of passion for most of history as we know it. This same passion persists today in the hearts of tea lovers and tea enthusiasts alike. Finding the right gift for the tea lover in your life will be easier than you may think at first.

Between custom cozy tea mugs and unique tea varieties and samplers, there may be a perfect gift steeping right under your nose.