Top Signs Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance


When it comes to the comfort of your home and family, having a good-quality air-conditioning unit that works well is probably one of the most important appliances you can invest in. During hot and humid days, turning on your air-conditioning is one of the simplest ways to remove heat and moisture inside your home and replace it with cool, comforting air.



Even though many houses are equipped with air-conditioners that work nonstop all summer, or even all year-round, many homeowners are neglecting their AC units by skipping necessary regular maintenance. If you are experiencing trouble with your air-conditioning unit, the chances are that it is in need of a service. Here are some of the top signs your AC unit needs maintenance.

Restricted Airflow

Air-conditioning units that produce an insignificant amount of cool air needed to be inspected. The experts at explain that restricted airflow can be a sign of blocked ductworks or clogged filters, but it is generally the filters which are the cause of the problem. The filters in your AC can get clogged with all of the dust and other pollutants in the air. The job of your filters is to remove these particles, so it is perfectly normal for them to need a clean every now again, especially if you live in an area with lots of pollution.

Leaking Water

As many air conditioners use refrigerant to produce cool air, they also produce condensation as well. However, these liquids should not be allowed to accumulate and leak out of your AC unit as this can result in structural damage to your house, Additionally, if left to leak, your AC could contribute to the growth of mold which will leave you facing all of the potential health risks associated with this problem. If you notice any leaks or mold developing anywhere, you should contact your service technician to check up on your air conditioning immediately.

High Humidity

Whilst most of the time, excess moisture is the result of leaking refrigerants, it can also be a symptom of high humidity. Your air conditioner should be able to moderate and control humidity levels inside your home at a comfortable range. If your cooling system is not working well and you are experiencing high humidity levels in indoor areas, you should contact an air conditioner service provider to recalibrate your AC unit. High humidity is another problem that can lead to mold growth so it is not an issue to take lightly.


Ineffective Cooling

Well-functioning air conditioners start blowing cool air within the first few minutes after turning on. Failure to produce cool air or failure to cool the room within a reasonable period of time usually means your air conditioner needs an inspection. Generally, poor cooling power is a sign of a low refrigerant level or a malfunctioning component within your AC. In the worst-case scenario, a failure to produce cool air might mean that the entire cooling system has broken. Therefore, it is best that you contact your AC technician to have an inspection to decide whether or not your AC unit can be repaired.

Strange Noises

For most air conditioners, making some noises at an acceptable range while being turned on or off is normal. However, it is uncommon for well-maintained or new air conditioners to make rattling, grinding, or squeaking noises. Simply put, low-level types of noises are acceptable whilst loud, unusual, and sudden noises are signals of problems. The causes for unusual noises in AC units can be loose parts, inappropriate installations, or more serious technical issues.

Unusual Smells

Air conditioners are supposed to make your room cool and dehumidified without producing any unpleasant smells. If you experience foul or burning smells as you turn on your air conditioner, it is highly recommended to turn off your AC and contact a technician immediately as the smells (and the underlying causes) will only worsen with time. In common cases, a bad-smelling AC unit can be fixed with a simple tune-up or a thorough cleaning session after a careful inspection. Notably, many AC specialists are now using high-tech solutions such as ultraviolet lamps to eliminate microbial growth inside air conditioners to avoid smells related issues in AC units.

Air conditioners need regular maintenance for various reasons. You deserve to have a good AC unit that runs properly to provide you comfort at home. Neglecting necessary inspections and maintenance will result in poor cooling performance as well as high energy costs. When experiencing one of the above signs, you should look online to see if there is a guide to help you fix the problem. If it is beyond your powers, contact an AC technician to identify potential issues and resolve them quickly in order to avoid further problems and costs.


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