Top Gift Ideas for Bridesmaid



Your wedding is one of the most joyous phases of your life, and you plan for it. Although there are a lot of people that become a part of this event that marks the beginning of a new journey for you and your loved ones, your bridesmaids have a unique role to play in your wedding. From the preps to the planning to the bachelorette parties and the final day, nothing can be pulled off and can be made as memorable as it becomes without the contribution of those lovely pals who invest their time, effort and care in making your big day into a memory that you cherish forever.

It would look rude and unappreciative if you bid farewell to those gorgeous women without giving them a token of thank you. The best way to say thank you to your bridesmaid is by giving them a small present that they will remember forever. You do not need to send a fortune for your bridesmaid gifts. Something that is reasonably priced but a memorable keepsake will do well. Here are a few ideas that you might want to use for a bridesmaid gift at your wedding.


Bath Robes

You know those cute hot spa robes that you find at those luxury hotels and spas – you can use them as wedding giveaways to your bridesmaid, and they make a wonderful gift for a woman. You can get personalized plush spa wraps made on order with your initials and give them away beforehand to be used on your spa party or a bachelorette party by a pool. Your bridesmaid will love an excellent cotton plush terry cloth bathrobe. You should try bath robe depot to get those.

Tote Bag

Tote bags are one of the most evergreen pieces of fashion accessory, and they are a fantastic keepsake. Your bridesmaid can carry them around in your wedding parties and also at other places all year round. You do not need to go for those costly leather totes. You can get customized burlap or canvas totes made for very reasonable prices. Get the totes personalized with your initials and your wedding date so that it becomes a memory. If you want, you can add a few extra things in the tote according to your budget and preference.


Personalized Bracelet

A personalized wristband or bracelet that is engraved with your wedding date and initials can be another excellent keepsake and a bridesmaid gift. Your pals will cherish the memories of the day they spent with you every time they wear the bracelet. Go for something stylish so that they can wear it everywhere. If your budget allows then nothing beats a fashion bracelet made in 925 Sterling Silver. However, if your pocket does not let something that costly, it is okay to go for cheaper metal bracelets too.

Jewelry Boxes

Personalized jewelry boxes or keepsake boxes can also make another amazingly memorable present yet at a very reasonable bridesmaid present. You can add a thank you note, a small piece of jewelry or a few chocolates for additional oomph.