Top 6 Apps to Spy on Text Messages

XNSPY is a great mobile app to monitor messages on someone’s mobile. You can keep a check on text messages with ease using this app. This allows you to know what your children and employees are conversing about in addition to who they’re in contact with. This app also lets you deploy a keylogger, which will monitor keystrokes from popular instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Viber. The app is intuitive and all data is extracted in a sophisticated and reader-friendly manner. You can remotely check a person’s location history through their phone, track their emails, and view bookmarked websites. The app has both Android and iOS versions available currently.

How do you question a cheating partner when you have no proof or whatsoever to reason with them? Apart from this, there are certain scenarios where you can’t really confront the person in question. Cases like fraudulent activities by an employee, or parent trying to track their child down because they know that their child is constantly lying to them.

In such cases, you need full see text messages and proof evidence before you question them. For situations like this, you need a spying application or spying software to don’t worry spying does not require a physical person to be appointed to keep an eye on the target. All you need as of now is a Smartphone and some smart software which will do the needful.

Now that you know that you can easily track someone by just a Smartphone, the next big question is how do you install them? If you have an Android phone then you can get several such apps whether paid or unpaid easily on Play Store. But, if you are iPhone user then you may need to get jailbreak version to install certain applications on your phone. Once you have this in place, it is a simple 3-step procedure to get your app running. You need to first install the application in the target’s phone, then enter some information and get going. You need not worry about the secrecy of this entire activity because such applications are generally stored in hidden folders which are not easy to spot. Just be careful of legal implications while doing the same since it is a pure case of privacy invasion. Now that you are very well aware of how to perform this activity, let us list down some apps that will help you in this entire activity.

  1. mSpy: This app is rated as one of the top apps for any sort of spying. It is very efficient for tracking all sent, incoming and even deleted messages, records it and sends the entire information on your personal email ID. You will then be able to see text messages as you as you receive them or even store it for future reference. Apart from this, it tracks your GPS locations, browsing history, Emails which are sent and received, WhatsApp and Skype tracking, view the entire contact list and even provides with multi-language assistance. All these features with just one app. It is compatible for Android, iPhone and Window users.


  1. MobileSpy: This app also tracks everything possible that you need. The most unique thing about this app is that it has a LIVE panel where you can monitor the live screening of the target’s device without letting the target know about it. Another striking feature is that it blocks any running apps which are blocked by the person who is using it. This app is compatible for Android and Blackberry users.



  1. SpyBubble: Another app which tracks incoming and outgoing messages but will not be able to access to some messages which are deleted just after they are appeared on the screen. Otherwise, it properly syncs all the messages and sends it to your email ID. A very simple interface which even helps you track the tasks and appointment logs which are recorded on the device. It is compatible to Symbian, Android, iOS and Windows OS as well.


  1. Spyera: It tracks messages except for some deleted ones. It has a feature of tracking and recording live calls. You can easily listen to what is happening around you by tapping on the microphones of the target device. If at all the target shifts the device, you do not have to worry about losing the data. You can start off from where you left, by easily shifting the software and can be managed and controlled easily by the web account. You can even deactivate the software from the target’s software without gaining any access to it.



  1. iSpyoo: This app tracks big volume of text messages in a short time without any sort of interruption. It also provides with live screening and recording live calls options which easily tracks the surrounding voices. Apart from this it has an SMS redirecting option that enables you to send invisible messages to any specified number from the target’s phone. It is supported by both Android and iOS.


  1. TheTruthSpy: Compatible with both iOS and Android, this app tracks all the incoming and outgoing messages. It even monitors the social media activities such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype. However, the synchronization of the messages is a bit slow as compared to other apps.

Now, that you have everything you need to conduct your spying activity, evaluate that is it really necessary to spy on the person in question or can you manage to give one last chance.