Top 5 Mistakes with Selecting Facelift Surgeons and How to Avoid Them




When considering a facelift procedure, do you feel lost? Have you looked up facelift costs and become even more baffled when you see the numbers? And when you look at doctor websites and credentials, do you immediately become dizzy?

It seems like you’re in the right place. While facelift surgery seems like a viable option, you’ve got to make sure your surgeon is certified and a good match for you.

Keep reading to learn more about mistakes with selecting facelift surgeons.

1. Failing to Do Your Research

Failing to do your research is the biggest mistake when selecting a facelift surgeon. It’s important to start by reading up on the different types of facelift procedures available. You should also consider the qualifications of the potential surgeons.

Make sure to look for alternative opinions from real people. From the people who have had the same procedure, which can be found on online reviews and forums.

It is important to ensure the surgeon is a board-certified facelift surgeon and experienced in performing the procedure. So, be sure to consider a facelift by Dr. Pontell.

Dr. Pontell offers a vast array of cosmetic and reconstructive facial procedures, and he is regarded as an exceptionally talented surgeon by patients and peers alike.

2. Not Comparing the Surgical Costs

Mistakes in selecting a facelift surgeon can lead to significant financial losses and unwanted outcomes.

To avoid making costly mistakes, it is important to compare the surgical costs between multiple options and compare surgery costs to avoid paying too much for the same procedure. Getting referrals from family and friends can help provide a wider range of options.

This will allow you to make the best decision for your budget.

3. Not Learning About the Types of Facelifts Procedure Available

Not learning about the different types of facelift procedures available is one of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting a facelift surgeon. We have all heard of the traditional facelift, which is often used to correct signs of aging, but there are many other kinds of facelift procedures available.

Before selecting a surgeon, make sure you look into the various facelift options for surgeons and decide which one best fits your needs.

4. Not Visiting the Facility

One of the most common mistakes when selecting a facelift surgeon is not visiting the facility to get a first-hand look at the setting and check the quality of care.

Visiting the facility allows the prospective patient to get a better understanding of how the staff is organized and the hygiene level of the office.

5. Failing to Inquire on Safety Procedures

When selecting a facelift surgeon, a key mistake many make is failing to inquire about a surgeon’s safety procedures.

It is important to ask the surgeon about their approach to disinfection and sterilization, the facelift surgery experience of their staff, and the protocol they have in place if a patient experiences a complication. Failing to do so can have major repercussions.

It could mean the difference between a safe procedure with minimal risks and a dangerous one with high risks.

Avoid These Mistakes With Selecting Facelift Surgeons

Choosing the right physician for a facelift procedure can have immense impacts on one’s safety and desired results. Ensure a successful outcome by familiarizing yourself with the top five mistakes with selecting facelift surgeons to avoid and by taking the necessary precautions to get reliable information about your surgeon.

Make an informed decision and talk to your surgeon today!

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