Top 3 Mods for Kawasaki KLX140

When you add a new bike to your garage, basic mods are one of the first things you should think about. By adopting the most popular or useful mods right away, you can enhance your new bike’s performance whether it’s new or a great deal on an older model. In some cases, they help you avoid some of the bugs the bike had when it first hit the market. In others, they give you a little extra when you need it, whether it’s extra power, extra seeing distance, or extra precision in your handling. Once you handle these popular and economical upgrades, it’s easier to think about a wave of mods that really suit your unique riding style.

1. Upgraded Brake Pads

This is one mod that riders tend to put in place at their first replacement, rather than right away. It’s good to get to researching genuine Kawasaki KLX140 parts early so you can spot great sales and new pad options before you need them. Buying early and on sale often means getting your performance pads at a cost that rivals the more economical side of your OEM options. It’s a little more work, but if you’re making the most of your budget, it’s a good way to make sure you always have the parts you need on hand.

2. Shock and Fork Upgrades

Your safety depends on a lot of systems coming together, and you might not think of your suspension as one of them, but it is. A smoother ride that can take uneven terrain more easily is also safer. It’s more stable and less likely to spill, and the additional stability also allows you to do more advanced maneuvering with your Kawasaki. You can find them at most of the same places you go to for dual sport riding gear and accessories, so check out your options. Some performance parts are stand-alone options for the front or rear, others come in matched sets to optimize your experience.

3. Customize Your Seating

Modifications that help you with your ride height can really put you in a position to make the most of your body’s mass as you corner, and they can make it more comfortable to be on the bike longer. Custom seats are also great for both comfort and positioning, and you can change up your foot pegs to get a more secure experience there, too. Check out your options today, because your comfort in the seat and your position on the bike are just as vital to your experience as having the right motorcycle riding gear for the weather.

Gear Up For Fall Riding

If you’re looking to hit the trail as the leaves change, don’t forget to grab yourself a new pair of gloves or a nice riding jacket for the season. Unexpected wet weather and the occasional cold snap are regular conditions for fall riding in many parts of the country, and you can enjoy them comfortably if you’ve got the right protective riding clothing and accessories.


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