Top 13 Websites Every Woman Should Follow


If you’re bored at home and need some stimulating reading, here are some women-centric online magazines and websites to subscribe to that will uplift you in every way. 


Whether you have questions about politics, makeup, career choices, home decor, philosophy, menstruation, or art, these ladies have you covered.


1 Million Women


Eco-activists and climate change revolutionaries gather under the 1 Million Women banner, making it the ideal place to meet others who are as passionate about the Earth as you are.


If you want to save our Mother Earth and don’t know where to start, join this community of warriors for simple energy-saving ideas to leave a smaller carbon footprint. It’s a movement.


Career Contessa


This website is the place to go for any career-minded woman, from starting a new career or jump-starting an old one, Career Contessa is jam-packed with resources to get you going.


The availability of numerous podcasts, courses, and articles in their archives covering interviews through to job-coaching will ensure any career step is covered over a multitude of industries.




For women who like to keep a finger on the pulse, AmoMama creates entertainment content that is relevant, non-partisan, apolitical, engaging, and most importantly, fact-checked.


Whether you’re just “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or eager to find out what is going to happen next in the world around you, AmoMama has you covered.


Blood + Milk by Cora


Not the kind of website for mere feel-good stories and pats on the back, Blood + Milk is an awakening when it comes to issues about sex, menstruation, mental health, and motherhood.


Aa a call for gender rights and ending the institutional oppression of women, this website is a must-have in your arsenal and a community resource to be shared amongst your friends.


Zen Habits


While not aimed solely at women (souls are genderless, aren’t they?), if you are looking for some motivation while feeling down in the dumps, Zen Habits is the place to be.


Encouraging healthy lifestyles filled with good habits like meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and just being enough, this website is a guiding hand to help you find simplicity in the chaos.


Womanly Live


Touted as the ultimate online resource for creative and career-driven women, Womanly Live is your go-to destination for feeling good about yourself. 


Whether it is beauty advice from their MUA editor or fashion, wellness, and lifestyle choices, their sole intention is to empower women and give everyone inspiration to live their best lives.


Create and Cultivate


More than a website, the people at Create and Cultivate have taken their sage advice on the road with a number of conferences and pop-ups so you can engage with them how you choose.


They are geared for budding entrepreneurs who need guidance with starting a new business to established ones who need some tips on how to improve business relations.




Representation matters and this website offers just that for women and non-binary people of color in an eclectic mix of politics, culture, and first-person narratives.


Crammed full of up-to-date news, this online magazine is also available in print and makes the perfect talking point to take on the norms of racism, sexism, transphobia, classism, and more.


Pretty Handy Girl

Whether you just left your parents’ house or starting out alone after a breakup, Pretty Handy Girl will give you all the confidence you need to tackle home-maintenance by yourself.

DIY made easy with step-by-step easy to understand instructions to take on any job. Painting, building, plumbing, crafting – this site offers it all.

The Good Trade


If you are serious about sustainable living and only investing your hard-earned money with socially conscious labels, this is the place for you.


The Good Trade engages readers who are interested in mindful living, fair trade fashion picks, community care, and just living a better life in tune with the planet. 


Darling Magazine


The former print-magazine who refused to photoshop pictures believing every woman is a work of art, Darling Magazine is the place you go to when you want to feel loved in your current form.


With exclusive features from the likes of Meghan Markle, Joanna Gaines, and Rupi Kaur, Darling Magazine stands out in a crowd and is the website you definitely want to hear from.


Paper Droids


If you’re trying to get your girl geek on with no luck, stand tall and follow Paper Droids for intriguing content about science, technology, art, literature, and entertainment.

This is the place you belong in if you mostly want to read matters concerning hardcore gaming, indie comics, super-hero movies, and the tech world where the word “geek” is not a slur.


Besides being the kind of place that has dog-friendly offices and excellent parental benefits, Popsugar has the latest gossip about the things you want to know and didn’t know who to ask. 

Netflix shows, recipes, reboots, celebrity gossip, and fashion to choose middle names for your new baby, Popsugar covers it all. Subscribe for some light-hearted entertainment and fun.

There you have it. These are the top thirteen websites every woman should be subscribing to for empowerment, acknowledgment, and self-worth. Go on, then. You know you want to!