To Cut or Not to Cut? – How to Decide Whether or Not to Cut Your Hair

Cutting your hair might seem like a great idea at first, but it may quickly turn into instant regret while you watch the scissors cut off those last remaining bangs you’ve been

trying to grow out.

We all like to switch up our look from time-to-time, and maybe trying a different style will be the perfect answer to our prayers for change that we all so desperately need at times. But before you decide to make this drastic move (that may take a long time to unmake), we composed a list of the most critical factors you should take into account while deciding whether to cut your hair or not.

At Home, or at the Salon?

At home or the salon is a question even Carrie Bradshaw might have trouble answering- the simple answer is it merely depends on what you want to get done, and how. Cutting your hair might seem like a simple enough process to do it yourself, but one wrong stroke, and you might instantly regret not spending those few extra dollars on a professional hairdresser. If you’re cutting at home, make sure you’re equipped with professional scissors, designed for hair cutting – and no, your kitchen scissors are not going to make the list on this one. They’re not made for cutting hair!

An excellent investment is a pair of Scissor Tech professional hair scissors, which will help you achieve the haircut that you envision. They’re sharp and easy to handle – if you want to cut your hair at home it’s better to invest in a professional pair. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee that you will mess up if you use scissors made for cutting paper and string.

Also, if you have decided to cut your hair alone, always remember that less is more. It’s always easier to cut off more, then add even a little, so don’t go overboard with the amount you’re deducting, and if the length is still too long at the end, you can always cut off more!

Make sure to watch a lot of tutorials – and not of people getting their hair cut a salon – but cutting it themselves. You might get some great tips and see how they troubleshoot!

Will It Suit You?

This is probably one of the most crucial factors to consider when deciding if you should cut your hair, or leave it as it is. It might have looked good on Instagram, but you should ask yourself will it look good on you, and match your face shape. Long hair can be relatively easy to pull off, however, if you’re all of a sudden finding yourself contemplating on cutting 10 inches off your hair, and going for the short hair look; you might want to reconsider.

If you’ve had long hair your whole life, and all of a sudden want to go much shorter, maybe you should first seek a visit to a wig store, to make sure the hairstyle you’re going for will suit your unique face shape, and what it will feel like. Putting on a wig, or trying a hairstyle app is a great hack to finding out what looks good on you.

This relatively easy solution will help you find the ideal hairstyle for you, without you having to test it on your hair- and trust us when we tell you; you might just be more inclined to purchase an extra wig and rock it from time-to-time.

Time to Grow Your Hair Out

If you’re thinking if you should make the cut, but don’t know if you’ll regret it later on, think about how long it takes your hair to grow out? Some people are gifted with great hair genes, making their hair grow out pretty quickly, and therefore know that if they won’t like the look, they won’t have to suffer with it for a long time.

If on the other hand you have been growing out your hair for the last couple of years, and you only recently achieved the length you’ve been striving for, it might not be a good time to cut it all off, as the short hair look might last you a lot longer than a season or two if you are looking for a seasonal switch.

Hair Type

Short hair, long hair, curly, straight- there’s a variety of different hair types, and that’s what makes our world such a beautiful place with an abundance of diversity! Saying that we also think you should consider your hair type while deciding on the direction you want to take your hair. If you have textured hair, with curls, cutting a bit off can work out in your favor, as you will be able to have a shorter hairstyle with your hair in its natural state, and a longer visual length when you straighten them out. If you have thicker hair on the other half, a haircut may omit the extra work of trying to keep your hair from tangling up, whereas if you have thinner hair deciding to get a haircut might make it look like you have much less volume which may not be the intent you were looking for.


To cut or not to cut- if only we had William Shakspeare around to answer that one today. The simple answer is, it depends if you think you’ll look good in a shorter hair cut, and will that decision not sabotage your hair growth you tried achieving. If you’re confident that you’re ready for a style change, then we recommend equipping yourself with a pair of quality scissors, or visiting a stylist and going right for that cut! Remember, hair grows back, so even if you’re not immensely happy with the final results, it will return to it’s longer length after some time- so don’t lose sleep over that.