Tips to Spice Up your Spring

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Susan Goodman-StyleCycle-Lisa Ballou-Stylecycle, Stacy Geisinger-Stacyknows, Julie Gaynor-Neiman Marcus, Hannie Sio-Stelakis-Neiman Marcus, Jacqui Justice-NY Health and Wellness: Integrative Medicine for Westchester, Ellen Pollack-Equinox

How do you plan to Spice Up Your Spring was the question of the day at the Fashion and Lifestyle Chat at Neiman Marcus in White Plains On March 19th.

Guest panelists included…

 Stacy Geisinger-Host and MC- founder and lifestyle blogger of, “connects cool people to cool things”.


Hannie Sio-StelakisPublic Relations Manager  at Neiman Marcus Westchester


Lisa Ballou and Susan Goodman, owners of StyleCycle

Jacqui Justice, Nutritionist/Director of NY Health and Wellness

Ellen Pollack, Pilates Instructor and Manager of Equinox


Trends and Tips Spring 2015


Jet set meets gypsy in Boho blouses and tunics, distressed denim, embroidery and maxi dresses



Swings from bags, jackets, skirts and more



Paprika, cayenne, saffron, sage…


Lightweight luxe for accessories and apparel, too


The highest form of flattery


Full permission to mix metals and stones


Pulls everything together



Brooke Bizzell Stachyra, Stacy Geisinger and Tamara Green Stacy is wearing White and Fringe


spice up your spring recap



From bright to sandy beige, the white family is the perfect color for spring.For white jeans, extra skinny paired with a classic sneaker. And if it hasn’t totally warmed up yet where you live, we are praying for you, but try a chunky sweater instead.


Print, pattern and texture play well together


The last word in layering

sleeveless jacket



The perennial favorite is making beauty news



Spicing it Up For Spring
Spicing it Up For Spring

 Getting Bikini-Ready for Spring

Bloat busting, Fat Burning, Skin-tastic Tips


According to Westchester Nutritionist, Jacqui Justice, when it comes to getting bikini-ready for Spring, “it’s ALL about the belly” – getting rid of the bloat and burning off that winter fat for those skin-bearing fashions ahead.

Belly fat is mainly due to a decrease in metabolism and a shift in hormones as we age. Other factors such as poor digestion and inflammation from eating foods you are sensitive to play a role as well. It’s virtually impossible to burn belly fat when your hormones are out of balance so its definitely the main issue to focus on.


1. Get the proper testing

“My motto is Test Don’t Guess.  You need to do the proper testing to get to the root of someones wellness issues so that you can get in there and fix them – not just put a bandaid on them”.

2. Decrease inflammation/Increase Nutrition

Inflammation is at the root of all wellness issues – especially obesity, decreasing it is essential. Avoid refined and processed foods and bad fats, increase your intake of fruits & vegetables, good fats and lean protein.

Include these bloat-busting, skin beautifying antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies in your meals and snacks to decrease hunger and increase energy to keep you on your plan. Juice them, throw them into smoothies, float them in water, add them to salads, steam them, use them in recipes or just eat them raw and let them do their thing.

• Asparagus
• Cucumbers
• Celery
• Dandelion greens • Parsley
• Salad Greens
• Watercress• Grapefruit
• Lemons
• Limes
• Oranges
• Berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) • Pineapple• Watermelon

Eat a small amount of healthy fat with each meal and snack. Your body needs high-quality fats to function optimally, keep you satisfied and your appetite in check. The following is a list of metabolically active, skin enhancing omegas that will give you that healthy youthful glow with or without the sun!

• Flax seeds/Flax oil
• Chia seeds
• Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds
• Nut butters
• Organic oils (olive, grape seed, avocado, walnut, coconut)• Avocados• Olives

Protein is a natural diuretic and helps to push out excess water (think squeegee sponge), as well as, helping to balance your blood sugar, your hormones and rev up your fat- burning metabolism. Eat optimal amounts throughout the day – most women need approximately 10-12 oz./day (70-84 g.).

  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast within an hour of waking (eggs, salmon, Greek yogurt, whey protein smoothie are all good bloat-busting, fat burning choices that promote healthy glowing collagen-rich skin as well.
  • Follow up that protein-rich breakfast with more clean, lean protein throughout the day (wild fish, grass-fed meat, organic poultry, beans/ legumes, whey protein). Aim for a total of 5-6 protein-rich mini meals spaced evenly during the day to keep that metabolic fire burning, your energy up and your cravings at bay.

 3. Avoid sugar and refined foods

“Biochemically the worst “foods” you can put in your body besides poison. Sugar zap your energy, decrease your immunity, wreak havoc on your hormones, are pro-inflammatory and end up as belly fat”.

4. De-stress

Increased stress = increased cortisol = decreased metabolism = increased belly fat.

Stress is connected to major health issues, it decreases our quality of life, and imbalances our hormones and it is virtually impossible to burn belly fat when stress is a major factor.

5. Optimize your sleep

30 minutes of extra sleep a night can reset our metabolism and add years to your life.

Steps to Hormonal Wellness and to getting Bikini Ready:


To rid yourself of that bothersome bloat (water retention), you have to drink more water! If you are even mildly dehydrated, your metabolism can dip seriously! Not to mention what it does to your skin!

  • Start your day with a cleansing cup of warm water with lemon and a tiny pinch of cayenne to jumpstart your metabolism from the get go.
  • Follow that up with at least 8 oz. of pure water – think of it as taking a shower on the inside.
  • Aim for drinking approximately 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water /day. Better yet – try my amazing BBB (Bloat Busting Bev) Hint: make sure you are near a bathroom!

Replace that cup of java with it’s de- caffeinated, antioxidant-rich cousin green tea and you’ll not only flatten that belly but burn some serious fat as well! Aim for 3-5 cups/day.


Drink a high-fiber, antioxidant-rich green drink in the morning to switch your pH from acid to alkaline and get rid of excess bloat to boost collagen production, protect from harmful UV rays, and keep your skin hydrated to achieve that healthy glow.


Although it may sound like a good plan to starve yourself to get that bikini ready body – it’s not! You’ll only crash your metabolism and set yourself up for a full-on binge later on in the day (think bikini- unfriendly food baby – ewwwww).


It takes at least 15-20 minutes for your belly to tell your brain that you are full. Eating too quick results in gas and bloating after meals – ugh! So take a deep breath, chill out and enjoy your food – one bite at a time.

6 Wardrobe Essentials from StyleCycle

 Our Philosophy:

We feel every client should have their own personal style. That means we teach them how to stay current and incorporate elements of modern trends while at the same time staying true to themselves and  their body! We help clients build a wardrobe that works so that they no longer stare into a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.

Our Essentials List:

1. The 3rd piece: Blazer, Moto jacket or cardigan – all are interchangeable and pieces to invest in. This stands the test of time and completes any and every outfit. 

The 3rd Piece , The Moto  Jacket pulls the outfit together-StyleCycle
The 3rd Piece , The Moto Jacket pulls the outfit together-StyleCycle

2. The under piece: Silk Cami-MUST HAVE. Here’s how it works: under a sweater, blazer  a cardi or even a tee. Even more fun… 2 layered Camis can always make a casual outfit.

3. The shirt: Whether a silk blouse, a simple tee or a crisp white button down – it’s a wardrobe staple.

4. The Black Pant: when in doubt you need to have a great black pant. Black is always the new black.

5. Jeans: Need we say more. They are interchangeable with pants.

6. Last but not least a good tailor! A good fit is the most important thing!