Tips For Choosing An Addiction Recovery Program

Recognizing that your life is trailing behind because of developing a dependency on drugs is a huge step in the right direction. The decision to put the habit to a stop is probably one of the biggest hurdles for addicts. This decision typically leads to asking a vital question. What next? At this point, it can feel overwhelming and scary when selecting the right addiction recovery program.

Here’s a detailed and straightforward guide that will lead you through the research for recovery programs and help you learn about what is drug rehab like and find your ideal drug rehab program.

Determine your addiction treatment goals and needs

It’s wise to note that every rehab program has various specialties. Most rehab programs will need to assess your addiction case and determine the best path required to make your journey to sobriety a success. But before you choose your ideal treatment facility, you might want to write down your rehab goals.

What type of substances are you addicted to? The answer to this question will help you narrow down the rehab facilities that provide treatment for your addiction. Determine if you have other underlying issues that might affect your treatment options. For instance, patients with mental health disorders are mostly recommended for treatment in dual diagnosis programs that treat both mental disorders and substance addiction.

Talk to an expert

If you’ve never been admitted to an addiction treatment center before, chances are you have no clue where to begin your search. Consulting with an addiction treatment expert is an excellent place to start your search and find out your addiction treatment options. Your primary doctor may connect you with an expert in the area.

Any treatment professional will guide you through your search to the ideal rehab for you. Given your goals, the expert may have a broad network that you can take advantage of and benefit from. These committed professionals will help you connect with the best drug detox programs in Tampa and help get your life back on track.

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Dig deep into your research

With a list of recommendations, you might want to dig deeper and have a better understanding of what kind of treatments each facility offers. Thankfully, due to easy access to the internet, there are tons of information available on websites and social media pages. Using your search engine, find out more about the referred treatment centers, their locations, and online reviews. Remember, negative reviews are clear red flag warnings that you should avoid the rehab facility.

Factors to consider when selecting the treatment center

While researching, you should take the following factors into consideration.


Depending on your goals, needs, and daily routines, the location of your ideal addiction treatment center will need a lot of thought. Without a doubt, closely situated facilities are more convenient if you plan to continue going to school or work while receiving treatment. However, if you feel that you need the space and time away from home to get well, you might want to choose a rehab facility that’s located far away from home.

Luckily, search engines like Google make it easy to find reputable programs near you. All it takes is a simple Google search like “drug detox programs in Tampa” or “inpatient rehabilitation in Phoenix”, and you’ll have a great list of options in the area that you’re looking for.

Outpatient vs. outpatient options

These are the two significant types of rehab options available. In-patient rehab programs require patients to stay within the facility during the addiction treatment period, while outpatient rehab programs allow patients to stay at home while seeking treatment during the day.

Again, your needs and goals will help you choose which of the two options suits you best. Although inpatient programs yield better success rates, they are more expensive compared to their outpatient counterparts.

Specialties, therapies, and treatments

Depending on the medical assessment conducted by your doctor, you may need to pay attention to the various specialties that treatment centers have to offer. For instance, if your doctor finds out that you have an underlying mental disorder such as depression, your best bet would be to start treatment at an addiction facility that offers dual diagnosis programs. If you have a problem with alcoholism, narrow down your search to rehabs that are reputable in providing alcohol addiction treatment programs.

Dig further into the types of treatments and therapies offered in these recovery centers. They should be diverse and customized for every patient, as no one program suits every patient’s condition.

Treatment periods

Most rehab programs require patients to stick to their treatment for 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the level of addiction and complexity of the treatment program. Your assessment and progress over time will help recovery professionals determine the most recommended treatment period for you. You might want to explore these options with an open mind for the best results.

Choose the right addiction recovery program for you

Other factors that may help you in the selection process include amenities and costs of the treatment programs. With multiple options available, choosing the right rehab program for you doesn’t have to be a hurdle. Follow these above-discussed tips to choose the right facility today.