Tips for Accessorizing with Gemstones

Colored engagement rings and everyday jewelry may be on the cover of magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan this year, but they have long been favored by members of the jet-set – dating back to 1795 when Napoleon bought his future bride a stunning sapphire and diamond ring. In 2013, this ring sold for $949,000, indicating its value both as an historical heirloom and a cutting edge fashion statement that deems gemstones to be just as much a best friend for fashionable boys and girls as diamonds are. Gemstones can brighten up accessories and bring a bit of color to your outfit when daytime soirées or fashionable evening galas are once again the order of the day.
Gemstone Brooches
Investing in a designer gemstone brooch is one good way to add a little sartorial flair to a plethora of items – including hats, jackets, and hair wraps. For inspiration on how varied brooch shapes can be, check out Cartier’s exclusive designs, which contain everything from minimalistic panther pins (with gems like emeralds and diamonds) to nature- and sea-inspired brooches dressed in gems like sapphires, emeralds rubies, and diamonds. You can easily find more affordable designs in colored crystal, but if you do have one or more loose gemstones, having a customized brooch designed for you by a jeweler is one way to give your outfits more pizazz.
Designer Hair Clips and Engagement Rings
Some of the most intricately designed gemstone accessories are hair clips bearing logos (think Gucci hair clips) or intricate shapes inspired by flora and fauna (check out Gucci’s amazing insect-shaped hair clips, crafted in gold and high-quality crystals). These clips look fabulous on elaborate French twists and braids, but many celebrities are wearing them by day on straightened hair, with the clip delicately placed at temple height on one side of the face. Hair clips can be stacked, too, so if you are up for a blingy look, purchase more than one gemstone or crystal hair clip. Best porn site – Watch porn.
Gemstone Engagement Rings
Many fashion lovers are opting to wear gems on one signature piece. Gemstone engagement jewelry is popular among fashion icons, for instance, with celebrities like Jackie Kenney, Jessica Simpson, and Kate Middleton sporting beautiful emerald, ruby, and sapphire rings, respectively. Colored engagement rings show a flair for fashion and individuality. While most engagement rings are set in classic diamonds, colored gemstones add a touch of uniqueness and make for a special heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation.
Blingy Bags, Shoes, and Belts
Other accessories – such as bags and belts – are also perfect for showing off beautiful designs bearing gemstones. Bvlgari’s famous Serpentini Forever bags, for instance, bear a cute snakehead with bright green (malachite) eyes. Gucci, meanwhile, is enticing lovers of color with its cute belts bearing the company’s logo in multi-colored stones. Shoemakers are also adding the wow factor to their designs with gemstones and crystals. Check out Swarovski’s high heels bearing a plethora of different colored crystals, as well as designs by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen (who dresses Lady Gaga and Bjork). Her iconic shoe Thorn had a 7.4-inch wedge bearing Tiger’s Eye, Leopard Jasper, and Moss Agate on the heel’s arch.
 Color can lift your mood and make you feel more energetic, so if you love crystals and gemstones, ensure they are part of your everyday look as well as your party outfit. Wear them in shoes, bags, and belts, as well as on elegant brooches that can be affixed to a wide array of clothing items and accessories. For something you can take with you wherever you go, gemstone rings will do the trick. Make sure to read up on the symbolism of different gemstones before making your choice.