Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Scrabble Games


Scrabble is a game that is loved universally. It is a game with a long, rich history, and one many of us have sat around for hours and hours playing with our families. It is a game we all, regardless of race, religion, and creed, think of fondly. Sentimentality aside, it is also a game that can bring out the competitiveness within us. Nobody likes losing at anything, Scrabble included. This page will hope to offer you a few tips and tricks so that you can improve all of your Scrabble games and become the champion. Don’t get too carried away with your competitiveness, however, as you may deter people from wanting to play with you in the future; good sportsmanship is always a must.

Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your Scrabble game.

Word Unscramblers

This is a slightly underhanded tactic, but one that can be of great use if you want to win at any cost. These applications do as they say and unscramble words for you so that you can excel at Scrabble. Most games of Scrabble will not allow for use of these applications, meaning you may have to use the applications covertly. Or if at the end of the game there was a series of letters that you simply could not find a word from, you can use them then.

Learn Two and Three Letter Words

Learning a complete list of two and three-letter words is another great way to dominate any Scrabble game that you are playing. Whether it’s Scrabble day, or you just want a game, learning them can be a great benefit. Two and three-letter words, when used effectively, can contribute up to fifty points to every single Scrabble game. Learning these words may, at the time, seem difficult, but once you have and you’re on a winning streak, will have definitely been worth it.


In every game of Scrabble, there are only four tiles carrying the letter ‘s’ on them. When you are playing Scrabble, if you can pluralize the words that you are creating by adding an ‘s’ onto them, you can earn at least ten extra points. Pluralizing words is a great way for you to dominate Scrabble and one that very few make use of it. Most words can be pluralized. Be sure you are accurate in your pluralization, however, as many words cannot be pluralized, and by falsely adding ‘s’ onto the end of words, you may lose points.

Common Endings

A significant number of words happen to end in ‘ed’, ‘er’, or ‘ing’. Adding these tiles to the beginning or end of your rack will allow you to visualize and plan for future options. Many of these endings, when added to words, create completely new words with different meanings. This is a great way to assert your dominance on the Scrabble board, and an awesome way to propel yourself to victory every time that you play. Having these endings ready is a totally awesome way to win every single time you play.


Hook up your Scrabble board, people! Hooks are letters that can be added into pre-existing words to create a completely new word, similar to what was mentioned in the previous point. An example of this would be the word ‘host’, which when a ‘g’ is added to it, becomes ‘ghost’. This may require a good vocabulary to do, as very few people are able to do this on the spot. Still, notwithstanding its difficulty, learning to do this can be a wonderful way to win at Scrabble and to show off your extensive vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

Hot Spots

Meticulously planning your game from the very beginning is a fantastic way to win a game of Scrabble. You should, if you can, head for the so-called ‘hot spots’, these ‘hot spots’, are bonus squares on your board. A triple word score on a bonus square can send your score into triple digits, thereby decimating your opponents.


While seven letters are the maximum you can have on your rack at one time, a combination of the above letters will give you the best playing options. If you cannot pick them, try to save up an equal number of vowels and consonants.



Reading a dictionary may not seem like the most entertaining pastime, but it is certainly one that can benefit you massively when you are a Scrabble enthusiast. New words are constantly added, so learning many different words and incorporating them into your game of Scrabble can give you a huge advantage on the board.

Now, with the help of this page, you can become a Scrabble professional. If, even after reading this, you cannot, you should hang up your board and call it quits. Happy Scrabble-ing people! (See what we did there?)


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