Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Deal on a Hotel Room

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After the ticket, accommodation is the largest part of any trip. As stated in our post on booking the cheapest flight, the Internet has brought a large number of booking websites, many of which even offer different prices for the same hotel.

For simplicity, we provide the best hotels near Melbourne airport booking options, including the best way to get a quote and our best hotel tips and tricks. How to book the cheapest accommodation!

Tips for booking the cheapest hotel:

Read the tips on when to book a hotel room and how to find hidden discounts to save on your next vacation. You can save a lot of money while traveling. The

Leverage credit card has a huge travel refund advantage:

Starting from the basics, if you travel frequently, whether domestic or international, one of the easiest and most consistent ways to save money on hotel bookings is to use a travel rewards credit card.

In any case, if you are booking a hotel, why not use your credit card to directly return 1.5 Euros (or equivalent points) to your account? Use your credit card to get travel rewards without paying overseas transaction fees.


Hotel website:

In many cases, it makes sense to simplify things and book a room on the best hotels near the Melbourne airport website. If you are a member of a hotel loyalty program and are struggling to gain or maintain elite status, you most likely want to book directly.

If you book directly, you can enjoy member discounts and ensure the collection of loyalty points and elite accommodation. Many hotel chains offer promotions to collect a large number of bonus points.

State you have already stayed in your hotel:

If you have already checked in, the best hotels near Melbourne airport are more likely to give you a discount. Customers always earn points through brand loyalty, so choose the chain hotel you like. And stay anywhere in your domain. Let them know that you have lived with them before, even if you are on a business trip or traveling abroad. This should help you get a good offer.

Find the cheapest day for check-in and check-out:

Sunday is the cheapest working day for hotel check-in. Weekend travelers go home on the same day, and business travelers usually check-in only on Mondays. Therefore, there may be a lot of discounted unused inventory on Sundays. Studies have shown that for international travel, it is also much cheaper to stay in a resort hotel on Tuesday.

On the other hand, if you arrive on Friday or Saturday and leave on Sunday, you better pay a high price. Those who can avoid the weekend can save money. …


View all exclusive offers

Whether you are looking for a basic package with free breakfast in the room on the hotel website, or a holiday package option at a resort, sometimes it makes sense to combine them into a sum of money- Save tools. Otherwise, paying for everything from breakfast to resort activities to equipment usage under an all-inclusive contract can save you a lot of money during the entire trip. This is also a useful way to save budget when traveling because there are fewer unexpected expenses along the way.

Flexible dates to get the cheapest hotel

The more flexible your travel dates, the more likely you are to get a cheap hotel.

If you travel during the main tourist season or on weekends, the hotel prices are much more expensive. Even if you drive to your destination during festivals, large gatherings, or events, the hotel prices are definitely higher. ; They are growing rapidly in major events because of the huge demand for living space.