Time to Get Torch’d with Isaac Boots

“I am obsessed with IsaacBoots.” That is the response I have gotten every single time I told anyone about Torch’d.

IsaacBoots and his Torch’d classes and Torch’d After Dark chats where Isaac invites you to have a “Splash” with him are a very welcomed unexpected highlight of my quarantine, as well as thousands of others. It’s the sanity during the insanity.  He’s admittedly obsessed with Madonna, anytime someone mentions her name we all take a Splash.

Torch’d After Dark is Calpito’s effort to get to know his audience. Everyone has a story. Isaac gives them 5 minutes of fame, live at night. It’s cool.

Torch’d is so hard yet so fun.

Saying that Isaac is entertaining and lovable is an understatement. Some of my friends admit they just watch, fully intending to join eventually. I don’t know what they are waiting for.

His dedication to all his audience his “Babies” is undeniable.  While everyone has had at least one bad day in this Covid-19 craziness, Isaac never misses a beat.

Being that the class is on Instagram Live, it has become somewhat interactive.  With over 2000 viewers consistently every day, he calls out his favorites and celebs. Jessica Chastain does the class every day with her Grandma.  There is Brian Atwood the shoe designer and his extremely handsome boyfriend Dr. Jake Deutcsh, who have recently had moves in the class named after them.  Of course Lisa Rinna of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who leg up signature move “The Rinna”  is one of the hardest during the 45 minutes. Others include Ramy Brook, Jennifer Miller, Lizzie Tisch, Tanya Zuckerbrot, and Naomi Watts.

Everyone participates by sending messages filled with emojis during the 45-minute live class. I will tell you it is a welcomed distraction. Will, I ever be able to take a class again without typing, I doubt it. There is an ongoing dialogue that leaves all smiling.

Torch’d is really hard. You don’t need a lot of room and no equipment is needed, although I am lusting after Isaac’s Bala Bangles that he has in every color to match his outfits. Ankle weights and bands are suggested but not necessary.  You really don’t need much space at all, Your muscles will burn hence the name. You will work hard, you will curse, you will laugh, you will applaud and come back the next day for more.

Isaac took a few minutes out of his extremely busy day to answer my questions.

How is your quarantining going? You seem super busy between teaching Torch’d every day at 11 am ET and Torch’d After Dark at 9 pm. What else are you doing to keep busy?

Gettin Torch’d. I have private clients from 7 am on the hour til 8:30 pm. I am very lucky to have private clients who are dedicated and excited.

Your classes, playlists, and fabulous outfits are keeping me sane. Your energy is so vibrant, I’ve barely even noticed that my ass has hurt since March. Where can I find your playlists? Where can I buy your tights? What can I do to relieve my ass?

Thank you so much, I am forever indebted to my best friend DJ Steph for making fire playlists every day, except for that one time lol…the playlists are on Spotify @isaacboots. My tights are from Terez and FP Movement. In regards to dat ass, good luck and god bless (if the prayers don’t work, a sensible massage will do).


You are my favorite teacher ever.  It is like dinner and a show!!!  I have been taking your classes on Instagram since the beginning of this madness. It seems like you were one of the first fitness instructors to take the leap and start teaching live. Did you think you would gain the amount of following you have?

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I am really thankful that you, and people across the globe, have become a part of this wonderful Torch’d community. To me, it was a no brainer to offer Torch’d on my Instagram live, because like many people felt an urgency to do something that could hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces, lift their asses and raise money for the kids who need it.

I know that you have a background in Broadway, can you tell us a little bit about how you got to where you are today?

My journey started when I was 17 and got onto a plane to New York. I saved my money in high school to follow my dreams of being a Broadway dancer and worked my ass off to make it happen. 6 months after I landed I booked my first show and was blessed to dance on Broadway for 10 years. I actually created Torch’d on the Palace Theater stage when I was performing in the Broadway production of West Side Story.

So many celebrities rave about you. You train superstars like Kelly Ripa. Also, Vanessa Hudgens joined you live last week to help you raise over $200K for No Kid Hungry! That is just incredible. You must be so excited. What is your goal?  Who is your next celebrity?



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I have trained celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Faye Dunaway, Priyanka Chopra, and many others. My goal is to bring Torch’d to as many people as possible. I am working on a new platform so torch’d can continue with me post-pandemic. My dream would be to train Madonna and Cher together in one room. (To a playlist of their anthologies)

Can we talk about Davis for a second? Your adorable dog steals the show when he pops in to say hello to you during class. Does he exclusively wear Gucci?


Awe, my little baby. Davis is inclusive to all designers, he wears Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton. He is named after Bette Davis after all.


Who is DJ Steph?

One of my best friends Stephanie Ditullio a very talented and celebrated interior decorator in the Hamptons and NYC. We have traveled the world together and broken many hearts (mainly French).


With over 220K followers on Instagram (and growing!), how do you stay grounded? Do you have any techniques off-camera to keep it real and stay centered?

I’m an island boy. I come from a small town in Hawaii. I stick my feet in the sand, it reminds me of home. I also have a circle of best girlfriends who would slap me silly if my head got too big.

When the quarantine is over, is there anything you will miss?

DJ Steph’s cooking, she makes a mean chili.

What are your hopes and dreams for Torch’d as you continue to grow?

The sky is the limit. It has been such a magical experience already, seeing this community grow and being able to connect to people from around the world.


Celebrity Trainer and choreographer, Isaac Calpito has trained and worked with superstars in TV/Film, Broadway & music, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Rinna, Ariana Grande, Priyanka Chopra, Hugh Jackman, Brooke Shields, Lucy Liu, and Faye Dunaway to name a few. Blending fitness with his experience creative directing the main stages of the pop music scene, Isaac has created a method called “Torch’d” that burns fat, tones and gets you to your best body.


During this pandemic, Isaac has offered his Torch’d workout for free on his Instagram Live @IsaacBoots every day at 11 am est and has partnered with No Kid Hungry to raise money for those in immediate need. He has raised over $200K in six weeks.


TORCH’D: created by Isaac Calpito, is a vigorous flow of body resistance, dance conditioning, and intense targeted repetition to fire up and transform your body. This intense workout burns fat shaves off inches and will have you feeling more fit than ever before.