Things You Need to Know Before Bleaching Your Hair



Bleaching your hair and going from dark to light can be a big step no matter how slight the change might be, if it involves bleach, it’s already a serious project. Bleaching is a lot more serious than you might think, a lot of steps and products go into it, a lot of before and after steps as well, so going blonde is a serious commitment! So here are things you need to know before bleaching your hair!

Don’t Expect a Miracle

Before all else, it’s important to know that bleach is not a miracle product, its abilities are limited, and also your hair can take so much of bleach in the first place! A lot of celebrities go from black to blonde overnight, this is a true transformation, that’s either done in an extremely expensive salon or it’s just a great wig! So if you have naturally black hair, or even worse – if your hair is dyed with a dark box dye, don’t expect instant and drastic results if you want to keep your hair on your head!

No Going Back

It’s important to remember that once you do this, there is basically no going back as bleaching your hair changes the structure of it completely! So you need to be careful, is this something you truly want, and if so – are you willing to take the responsibilities that come with it?

The Upkeep Is Real

With blonde hair comes many steps and necessary responsibilities if you want your tones to look icy and fresh just like you walked out of the salon. Furthermore, as explains, when you lighten your dark hair to a more ashy and light color, it will naturally start to go yellow the more you wash it. So in order to keep your yellow toes at bay, use purple shampoo to wash it out!

Aftercare Is Key

Even if you had the healthiest, longest hair before going blonde, chances are it got a bit damaged. So in order to ensure that your hair stays in good shape and to stop the split ends from splitting further, getting a haircut after bleaching your hair is a must! And you’ll also make a bigger, more drastic change while you are at it!


Be Careful How You Do It

Lastly, you can choose if you want to risk and dye your hair at home or go to a professional. Obviously, salon prices are oftentimes high, but is it worth it to possibly damage your hair at home? Regardless of how you do it, you should focus on healing your hair and taking care of it the right way! Bleaching it the right way is one, but keeping it in one piece is also important! Products are key, so if you end up doing it yourself, make sure you get the best bleach and hair masks money can buy!

Hair is such an important thing to everyone, it’s basically the first thing people notice when they see you! So you might want to take care of it, and if you decide to do something drastic with it – do it correctly! A lot of research can take you a long way!