Things everyone should know about moving to Santa Monica


So, you’ve planned to move to the most beautiful, and heart-warming city of all times is Santa Monica which is an eco-friendly place on the western side of Los Angeles. As you are shifting to Santa Monica, CA then it would be an apartment for sure as more than 70℅ people that live there are renters. You must be wondering if your decision is right or not to shift to Santa Monica, CA but after all, you are shifting to Los Angeles. You will be living on the edge of Los Angeles, next to heartwarming and cold mountains in the north, beautiful beaches to the west, and Los Angeles being the epicenter of attraction for all. As we all know, that moving to any new place be it, Los Angeles can be strenuous and risk-taking. The process is so stressful if you’ve not planned it properly, that it can lead to a visceral and circle of confusion. The moving process can lead to the turmoil of doubts and if you don’t want that confusion to lead to unsatisfied moving, then look for the good movers around your place. So, here we are giving you the best tips before you move to Santa Monica, things that you should remember before and after the move. Relocation to Santa Monica can be easy if you will keep in mind all the important information that is required for moving to Santa Monica.

Know about parking

When you move to Santa Monica, you will see that Santa Monica has a Hot space for parking and it is a controversial topic to look upon in Santa Monica. If your home is in a place that doesn’t have a loading zone, then you have the pleasure to buy temporary “parking signs” that range from $72 to $135. This sign will help you to reserve a space for you moving trucks or your vehicle for any type of move. Your new home may be at a block which gives residents preferentially parking places. In this case, you can go for a permanent resident permit.

Don’t be socially awkward

Moving is a strenuous job to be performed. But the good thing about Santa Monica is that the place is filled with amazing places to sit and have a cocktail. So that you can give your body relaxation. There are a plethora of amazing places to visit in Santa Monica. Whether you live Downtown, in Mid City, on Main Street, or in the Pico Neighborhood, you will find umpteen number of restaurants, diners, clubs, etc. Don’t be a socially awkward person, Santa Monica, have plenty of meet up groups that you can join. This will help you to get comfortable with the environment as well as with the people. When you’re in a new place then it’s become a little awkward as you don’t know anyone there, so always keep in mind that never get socially awkward. Talking to people around you will help you to be more comfortable in the new space.

Transport facility

Santa Monica is famous for its transportation system. The metro line travels between Downtown Santa Monica and downtown, Los Angeles connecting different cities altogether be it bayside, Culver City, USC, etc. Metro expo line has three stations that connect with city lines. If you’re planning a relocation to Santa Monica, then there are a plethora of moving companies that can guide you in the best possible ways. Try to find out the best moving companies in your place.

Whereas the public transport system of Los Angeles connects to the Santa Monica major corridors, therefore the bayside area has its bus services named big blue bus. So, if you’re planning to relocate to Santa Monica. One thing that this city will assure you that you won’t have a problem with transportation.

Rent control

Santa Monica has the most powerful rent control laws first passed in on April 10, 1979. Undoubtedly, the rent control laws are still transparent and alive in Santa Monica but it isn’t strong as it was a decade before. Therefore, rent control laws don’t apply to all the blocks and buildings in the space. If you want to know that you live in a rent-controlled space or unit then the government of Santa Monica offers you a rent control board website which will help you in finding the same. It will ensure that you are in the right space and can know if the property owner is rightly putting every point on the table or not. The rent control laws were more stringent and we’ve applied them to every building of the block before 1979. Therefore, make sure that you live in a rent-controlled unit in Santa Monica then only no landowners would be able to apply more rent than what is prescribed by the government. And you will only pay the market rent.

Be engaged

Santa Monica has a beautiful tradition of citizen participation. The city was founded in 1875. This was the initiative that was started by the Santa Monica government. The main objective behind this to be more transparent and accountable to the people of Santa Monica. Here are some of the ways that you can engage yourself with the society in Santa Monica.

● If you want to get engaged through the virtual tour then you can log in to Santa Monica talks. It is one of the most famous blogs of the Santa Monica citizens

● You can also watch the long view, it is also a blog page where all the citizens can come and share their opinions.

● The people Academy is a 7 days course for all the citizens and residents of Santa Monica, CA to know more about the government.

Moving is never an easy process; you have to prepare your moving process at every step of the process. Moving to any new city would be difficult if you haven’t planned it well. Make sure you are well equipped with the planning, packing, unpacking, truck, etc. Don’t leave anything for the end as it becomes hectic, and chaos full.