These Sisters are Truly Hip and Holy

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Liane and Nicole Wainstein, born and raised in South Africa, and the co-founders of hip and holy, a brand that embraces the cool and the chic infused with a spark of Godliness.

Perfect for gift-giving, a beautiful way to say “thank you” for all occasions. And since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we want to give the gift of thoughtfulness, full of blessings, leaving your host feeling appreciated for all their hard work.

These sisters are truly an inspiration and lovely duo! 

Influenced by the Jewish tradition, in which a coin purse holds the wearer’s “tzedakah” (or charitable giving), the little rose is a promise to consider the needs of others. Their motto – “a little bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives roses” – means that the act of giving can bless the giver just as much as the recipient. To model this principle, the Wainstein sisters pledge 10% of profits from the little rose to feed the children organizations, a US-based non-profit organization helping to feed and support hungry children around the world. For every dollar donated, Feed the Children provides $7 worth of food and essentials to some of the nation’s most vulnerable populations.

Hip and holy, the brand co-founded by Liane and Nicole Wainstein is built on foundational values of “appreciating the little things”, quality craftmanship, and gifting with joy. Each piece of their purposefully curated collection of original designs and beautiful items are thoughtfully created or handpicked with love. Their popular little rose coin purse perfectly captures the spirit of the brand, representing a promise to consider the needs of others before self. The Wainstein sis-preneurs takes this guiding principle of “tzedakah” – or charitable giving – one step further by pledging 10% of the little rose profits to organizations that feed and comfort the children of the world. Both buyers and sellers of “the giving purse” have a chance to do “tikkun olam” – acts of kindness to repair the world. Together, they collaborate to deliver a stunning collection. Being partners just comes naturally, they wouldn’t want it any other way. Liane supplies creative inspiration while Nicole manages much of the logistics to create a harmonious brand built on their individual strengths.

With dreams of “bread and roses”, the sisters are planning on transforming a vintage VW van into the “hip and holy traveling boutique” which will, double as a mobile lunch kitchen to donate lovingly prepared boxed lunches to the hungry.


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