These Are The 3 Games You Can Always Win

Tired of being the sore loser at game night? Do you believe you just don’t strategize as well as your opponents, or that maybe it’s merely through sheer luck that you win? Invariably, practice makes perfect.


 However, there are a few strategies you can implement to ensure you rarely lose a game again. The games on this list might surprise you, but with the tricks we’ve got up our sleeves, you’ll likely always win them. These are the three games you can always win.


Monopoly is a tricky game because you largely depend on luck and you have to brush up on your negotiation skills to succeed. However, with a bad start, it can be hard to increase your chances of winning. In any case, we have a few tips and tricks that will significantly up your game in Monopoly. Stick to the following rules to excel: switch your attention off of hotels – yes, it’s tempting to buy them, but the priority should always be to seize the territory of one color. The aim of this is quickly building 3 houses on your property. Building houses is the easiest way to gain profit and lead the game as the most financially solvent player.

Moreover, you should steer clear of waterworks or the electric company – it’s a trap! They provide you with very little payment and put you in debt rather quickly. Instead, purchase railroad stations as they will build your wealth early on in the game, giving you a more stable situation throughout.

Finally, every monopoly champion knows that certain territories are better than others. You want good locations that offer high profits. With that being said, to avoid a financial impasse and to head on the path of victory, always strive to own the red, light blue, or orange territories.


Scrabble is the most popular board game to pull out at family gatherings and holidays. Yet, most people believe that winning this game is up to pure chance. However, there are ways to become a long-running champion of word games forevermore.

Firstly, you need to improve your vocabulary. We don’t expect you to become the next Shakespeare in the process; even learning more 2 to 3 letter words should suffice in helping you boost your score points. Nonetheless, the folks over at explain that the unscrambler tool can improve your vocabulary and help you get through an unfortunate round of letter tiles. You never know when you could gain points just by adding an ‘er,’ ‘ing,’ or ‘ed,’ at the end of existing words.

In addition to that, aiming to create words with the letter ‘S’ helps you add multiple words. Moreover, creating two words simultaneously with this letter or using it to pluralize an existing word helps you succeed in the game. This is a worthwhile trick, but it should be used wisely, as there are only 4 ‘S’ tiles in the whole game.


Billiards, also known as pool, is a fun game that requires high concentration and effective aim. It can take a while to become an experienced pool player; however, there are a few key rules to follow to better your chances of winning.

For starters, a little known tip is to be the player who breaks the pyramid. Many losses are due to the inexperienced knowledge of how compromising it is to allow your opponent to get a head start. Preempt their fortune by breaking the pyramid yourself – if they break the pyramid successfully, they could hog the game for the majority of the time, resulting in their inevitable win. With that said, always offer to start the game off.

Practice hitting the ball correctly before playing against other people. Oftentimes, your game is off due to your ball losing the trajectory that you initially planned. Make sure that you are hitting the middle of the ball by ensuring your cue is in line with the impending hit. That said, for better aim, place your right leg perpendicular to your right hand, assuming that you are right-handed, and allow your left foot to be placed forward. This allows your shoulder, hip, elbow, and chin to align. With that said, it’s also important to not rush the hit. Take your time to aim accurately no matter how frustrated your opponent may become. Patience is key in this game.

These simple tips will help you always win the most popular games. Bet you never knew that winning these famous games was merely down to a decent strategy. After all, every move counts. Just remember that concentration is the key to success. Enjoy your newfound winning streak and try not to brag too much!