Theme Ideas for Baby Showers

 Throw the dream baby shower for the mom-to-be in your life. She deserves it!

Baby showers are a baby’s first party, and the last chance for friends and family to come together and celebrate the coming birth before a mom-to-be becomes a mom. An occasion this significant needs an unforgettable party that all involved will remember forever.

When planning a baby shower, either for yourself or for a friend, choosing a theme is a great place to start. Once you have the theme, a lot of other decisions will be much easier to make. Whatever the baby’s gender, or how many babies the mom-to-be is expecting, these baby shower theme ideas are sure to be spectacular. Both the mom and the baby deserve it!

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An animal or jungle theme is a great pick, as it has the perfect balance of fun and stunning decor to make a truly memorable party. Hint at the theme with leaves or animal print on the invitation, and carry the colors and motifs through every detail of the party itself. Go for an exotic menu and bright flowers, and add hints of color throughout to bring the outdoors indoors. You can even give small plants or decorative animal statues as party favors.

For a slightly different take on this theme, stick with animals but place them in a tranquil woodland setting. Choose foxes, owls, deers, and other woodland creatures and decorate with more tree and woodland-like decors such as branches, berries, and acorns. If you want to use flowers, try wildflowers or simple blooms.

For a food-focused shower, turn your thoughts to one of the world’s favorite weekend traditions – brunch. You can make a reservation, or turn your home’s dining room into a relaxed and beautiful setting with fresh flowers, refreshing drinks (alcohol-free for the mom, of course), and light bites. Don’t forget something sweet for dessert!

Tea parties are a baby shower classic and for a good reason. They’re cute, fun, and most importantly, easy to achieve. Set up the room with cute, rustic-themed decorations, vintage china, and pretty floral arrangements in neutral or pastel shades. Instead of serving food in a traditional way, stack delicate sandwiches, biscuits, and cakes on tiered stands set in the middle of the table. You can even give out fun, personalized tea bags for favors!

For showers where the baby’s gender is known, prince and princess themes are trendy. What better way to welcome a baby into the world than by treating them and the mom-to-be like royalty?

You can have a lot of fun with this theme. Make it elegant with pale blues, pinks, and golds for decor, or brighten things up with accent colors, crowns and scepters, and even fancy dresses. Make the invitation royal, too, with beautiful calligraphy in gold or black. For food? Keep it delicate and light, with royal touches such as gold-iced cupcakes or maybe chocolate coins for a fun twist.