The ‘red nail theory’ is going viral on TikTok. Does it really help your dating life?

If you’re stuck in a romantic rut, you may want to try painting your nails red.

At least that is what some TikTok users are attempting in an effort to enhance their love lives.

The “red nail theory,” a term coined by TikTok creator Robyn Delmonte, aka @GirlBossTown, has become a viral sensation. The idea is simple: If you wear red nail polish, you’re more likely to receive attention from potential suitors.

In her video, Delmonte said that every time she has red nails, a guy comments on the color. She was confused at first — until it hit her.

“In the ’90s when we were growing up, women had red nails a lot, especially like our moms,” she said in the video. “And I weirdly think guys are attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their moms when they were growing up taking care of them.”

As a result, the hashtag, #rednailtheory, has amassed over 164 million views on TikTok with the majority of users claiming there’s truth to the theory.

Take TikTok user @melissevmartineau, for example. In a TikTok video, she said she has been asked out on five or six because of her red nails.

“I have never been asked out on so many dates or complimented as much as I have been in the past two or three weeks with these nails,” she said.

Since the trend has gone viral, Trenna Seney, a celebrity nail artist who goes by @lovetrenna on TikTok, has seen an increase in clients requesting red nails — and she says they often return with success stories.

“I have clients that have come back after two or three weeks and tell me ‘Oh my god, I got so much attention’ or ‘People would come up to me and just start talking to me,’ or ‘I was at the bar and this guy started talking to me,’” she tells “So I was just like, it’s real.”

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Do the colors of your nails really make you more attractive? What’s the psychology of your favorite nail color?

Red: It’s vibrant, stimulating, and exciting, strongly linked to sexuality and increased appetites.

Orange: Conveys a warm, fun, confident person. It’s a highly stimulating color that gives off a spontaneous vibe.

Yellow: This signifies positivity and fun. It gives off a high-energy vibe or someone going through a positive life change.

Green: Associated with relaxation, nature, and money. It stimulates harmony and balance in our brains. It symbolizes nature so it implies an eco-friendly personality.

Blue: Signifies stable sentiments such as trust, tranquility, security, and wisdom. It implies a calm and trustworthy personality.

Indigo: Signifies spiritual awareness, intuition, wisdom, and mystery. It implies a personality drawn to inward thinking.

Violet: Signifies creativity, luxury, mystery, and royalty. It implies an empathetic and individual personality.

Brown: A conservative color with a low profile. It’s warm and inviting, forthcoming, and reliable.

Black: As chic as the day is long, black is all about luxury and elegance. Going formal with a sense of mystery and power.

White: Traditionally a color that means purity and innocence. It’s simple and clean, with a sense of goodness and purity.