The Real Difference Between Fashion Socks and Crew Socks



While fashion socks and crew socks may often share some of the same attributes, such as length, option in thickness, and level of comfort, they are very different animals when it comes to what is seen by the onlooker. A crew sock is generally pretty “normcore” — usually they are black, white, or beige, and in one solid color. Crew socks are usually seen as a sporting socks for everything from baseball to basketball and other sports that don’t require knee-length socks. However, some crew-length socks can be seen in the business casual section of the department store, and these are made with thinner materials than the socks you see in the sporting goods section. These are usually black, brown, beige, or navy blue, but can be found in white from time to time. But the primary difference between a crew sock of any kind and a fashion sock has to do with fashion and style itself: these socks were born to be seen, and generally, those who are wearing them want you to see them — even if only those few inches between the top of their shoes and the hem of their pants when they cross their legs. When it comes to socks, most are one size fits all. However, when it comes to compression socks, this compression sockshop is will fit all your needs.


Fashion socks are known for their colorful appearance, vivid stripes, and polka dots, and fun patterns you won’t find if you are shopping for socks in most department stores. Many fashion socks are sold online or at men’s specialty boutiques. They may share the same comfortable feel of their counterpart, the crew sock, but they also offer hues you won’t see on the basketball court and patterns you’ll never find while watching a sporting match of any kind.


The fashion sock was born out of a desire for men in the workplace to show off socks that show off their personalities. As demand for this segment of the sock industry grew, purveyors of fashion-style socks became more diverse — and so did the features the socks themselves offer outside of just being nice to look at. For example, the fashion socks from Nice Laundry are created with Microlast™ to keep these stylish cotton-blended socks from shrinking and also send customers a half-dozen pairs of fashion socks in a reusable drawstring bag. Made from combed cotton, nylon, and spandex, these fashion socks sport more than decorative prints: they offer high quality that lasts and lasts.


What to Look for When Shopping for Fashion Socks


Rather than buying socks one pair at a time from a retailer who may never carry the blend or print you like again, pick a place to buy your socks that will always offer stylish prints that match your taste and your wardrobe. When you choose an establishment that specializes in fashion socks, you stand a better chance of finding the comfort, length, and styles you have become used to and enjoy wearing to work or at play.


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