How To Introduce Sex Toys To Your Relationship


Introducing sexy toys into a relationship with your partner can bring new levels of pleasure for both yourself and them. This is because sex toys are specially designed and engineered to do things to us that our bodies simply cannot do by themselves, such as vibrate, pulse, or both at the same time. It is these unique sensations that allow some people to have orgasms that are not only more frequent and consistent but also more intense and complex. The absolute variety and scale of experiences that are on offer thanks to sex toys can help to spice up couples’ sex life, thus increasing desire for one another in the long term.

As good as all these sounds, there still remain many taboos surrounding the use of sex toys with many people still reluctant to start using them, never mind introducing them into a relationship with their partner. This is why many people choose to buy them online, as doing this provides them with a greater level of anonymity. click here to find out about some of the best sex toys on the market right now and where to buy them online.

Why Is There Hesitancy About Introducing Sex Toys In A Relationship?

Many people hold the incorrect belief that sex toys are only for use on oneself, by oneself and that couples should be able to satisfy one another with what God gave them alone. Because of these such views, sex toys are seen as things that are only used when a partner is not around or when there are problems with the relationship. For this very reason, lots of heterosexual men see these as a threat to their masculinity and a personal attack on their performance between the sheets. For some people, the idea of introducing or using sex toys is weird and this is the idea that they maintain throughout their entire lives without a willingness to try them out before casting their aspirations.

Starting A Conversation About Sex Toys

Opening up a dialogue with your other half about introducing sex toys into the relationship does not necessarily have to be something that is difficult or daunting. By following the below guide, you can make the process of doing this much more bearable and even comfortable.

Think about the timing

Just getting out a sex toy from out of nowhere during the act of sexual intercourse is something that should be avoided at all costs – that is unless you know for sure that your other half is very comfortable with you and enjoys sexy surprises. Otherwise, it can leave them feeling pressured and even anxious about having sex with you in the future. It may even bring about a feeling of insecurity, something that is not good for a healthy relationship.

What you should do instead of this is have an open and honest discussion with your partner about introducing sex toys into the bedroom. Granted, this is much easier to do at the start of a new relationship, but that is not to say it cannot be done twenty years into one.

Avoid criticizing or apologizing

It is important not to become frustrated about your partner’s lack of willingness to try using sex toys and then start venting about any other issues that there may be with the relationship – sexual or not. This will only work in making the situation much worse and could potentially put them off the idea for good.

That being said, you should not be embarrassed or shy away from your desire to introduce sex toys into the relationship. This will only end up building resentment on both sides and could have serious implications for the longevity of the relationship. Instead of this, try to be more explorative and make suggestions rather than demands. Explain how ses toys can bring about new means of sexual pleasure for both parties and not just for yourself.

Do not force anything

Where your partner is simply not open to the idea, then you should not try to force the use of sex toys on them by being insistent or threatening them with ultimatums. It is much better to calmly talk with them at a convenient time and ask them what it is about the idea that they do not like or find uncomfortable. Once you know where their issue lies, you canteen work on addressing these things so that they can slowly, and at their own pace, become more comfortable with using sex toys.

Be open to ideas

Where your partner is actually open to the idea of using sex toys with you, then you should let them dictate what is introduced and the pace at which they are, instead of you making all of the decisions. It is important to talk to one another about exactly what it is that they enjoy when it comes to sexual stimulation and how you think sex toys could be introduced to help with this. Where your thoughts and ideas overlap with one another, these can act as the starting point for their introduction to sex toys.

Turn the shopping for sex toys into an activity that you both can get involved in. This way, you can find something that you both can enjoy using with one another. Doing this is a great way of building up the intimacy levels with one another, as well as building up expectation and excitement. With there being so many types of sex toys out there nowadays, couples do not only have to stick to those ones that are made for mutual use but also ones that are targeted at either just for men or just for women.

Have fun

The whole idea of introducing sex toys to a relationship is to add an element of fun, so try not to forget this when things get difficult with your partner. This is also true for when sex toy does not work to ignite any passion or get you stimulated in any way – just go with it and try to have some fun.