The Power of Stones: What Your Jewelry Means

Statement jewelry is necessary for any fashionista. Not only do these pieces add to an overall outfit, but they also contain unique stones with ancient meanings associated with them.


The human body has seven chakras that center the body and direct the flow of energy. When any of these chakras become blocked, the energy can build up and lead to imbalances and illness. As you become aware of your own chakras and understand the roles they hold, you’ll be prepared to keep your energy flowing. Begin your journey by learning what each of the chakras are:


  • Root Chakra – provides stability and a solid foundation
  • Sacral Chakra – nurtures creativity and connections to new experiences
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – protects your self-worth and feelings of confidence
  • Heart Chakra – governs feelings of love, inner peace, and joy
  • Throat Chakra – allows the flow of communication
  • Third Eye Chakra – inspires intuition, wisdom, and imagination, including your ability to make decisions
  • Crown Chakra – the key to spirituality, inner, and outer beauty


You can use healing stones to keep your chakras clear and balanced. Simply identify which chakra you want to enhance. Then choose and accessorize jewelry pieces with these stones. Follow the guide below to learn more about which stones are associated with each one of the chakras.

The Power of Stones Guide | Stone Meanings & Uses | Chan Luu

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