The Newest Fitness trend: Mixing it up




(Associated Press)

The latest workout crazes promise to stimulate your brain and your muscles in new ways with barre plies in the air (think aerial ballet), dance cardio (think a night out) or a killer routine modeled after a popular cooking show.


“Everybody falls into fitness ruts,” said fitness expert Jeff Halevy, owner of Halevy Life gym in New York. “It either means you are no longer getting results from your program or you’re just sick and tired of doing the same old thing.”


His advice? Change it up.


A look at a few of the latest fitness trends around the country:




High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) alternates between short, intense bursts of activity followed by rest or low-intensity moves. The durations vary, but the principle is the same – for example, a circuit of burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks going all out for 60 seconds per move with a 10-second rest in between.


HIIT classes have popped up in multiple cities because the fast-paced routine means numerous combinations so muscles don’t plateau and you’re less likely to get bored. Plus, researchers say pushing yourself until you’re ready to drop for shorter intervals burns more calories than steady cardio. Try Tabata classes where they follow a strict 20seconds of super intense working out followed by a 10-second rest series.




If you’re visiting New York, Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles, try the Vixen Workout. The class is great if you don’t want your workout to feel like work. Dress like you’re hitting up a club for the night to lunge and squat under strobe lights and foggy mirrors to diva music from Beyonce for inspiration.


Or take your vinyasa to the next level with a yoga class at a Brooklyn’s Verboten night club, where lights, video and soothing deep house music from live DJs help transport you to a tranquil place. Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston even uses black lights to cast a neon hue on your downward dog while they spin a little Jay-Z.


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