The Most Popular Tours in Singapore

Singapore is full of great scenery and fun activities that offer both locals and visitors a lot to see. The man made features, as well as the natural ones, give a great experience to the tourists. Additionally, the rich multiracial culture with its great cuisines, artifacts, architectural designs, and others are marvelous things.

Here are some of the best Singapore tours that allow you to see nearly all of the city state’s breathtaking sights, landmarks, and attractions.

Singapore City Tour

The Singapore City Tour offers you the opportunity to get a deep understanding of the country’s rich history and have a firsthand feel of the exciting and energetic day-to-day life. Some of the greatest places to visit include the famous Botanical Gardens and the glorious Sri Mariamman Temple, which is the oldest Hindu temple in the island state. On this tour, you will also visit the Merlion Park and get to see the iconic Merlion statue, the mythological half fish and half lion creature which is the symbol of the city. You will find great views from the park of the awesome Marina Bay and will see popular landmarks like Gardens by the Bay, Promenade, and the Marina Bay Sands in the distance.

From the Merlion Park, have a cruise through some of the popular colonial architectural structures like the Supreme Court, the Parliament Building, and City Hall. You should also visit Thian Hong Keng Temple, which is one of the first Buddhist-Taoist temples in Singapore. Next, explore Chinatown and you could get some souvenirs to take back with you to your home country. You can also visit Little India and buy spices and other items.

Sentosa Island tour

Have you ever seen or been to a man made island? Well, look no further than Sentosa, which is not far from downtown Singapore. The island hosts a wide array of fun attractions. Some of the best things to see and enjoy doing here include the incredible cable car ride, a good number of tropical beaches that stand out due to their soft powdery sand, and fun-filled luge car rides.

You will also see and get to experience the unimaginable SEA aquarium, which is one of the biggest aquariums worldwide and has more than 800 species of sea creatures. One Visa can facilitate your Singaporean visa processing hassle-free to enable you to tour the Garden City while taking the Sentosa Island tour and other tours. They can also help you process visas while moving to Singapore for employment or entrepreneurship.

Singapore Night Safari Experience

For the rare opportunity to observe over 1,200 animal species, the majority being nocturnal while in their natural habitats, take the most celebrated and humane Singapore Night Safari. You will get to see over 110 exotic species in the 40 hectares of the secondary jungle that make up the safari, and with a beautiful backdrop provided by the Seletar Reservoir. The safari can also make a perfect family activity offering lifetime memories thanks to its stringent safety measures.

Universal Studios Singapore

Are you a movie lover? Universal Studios is your place. This one of the most famous amusement parks globally and a perfect spot for movie lovers. You will find roller coaster rides, have meals in splendid restaurants, and see as well as interact with your favorite movie characters. Universal Studios will give you the chance to see talking donkeys, intriguing shows, death-defying stunts, and have tons of fun.


Singapore is simply an amazing and great place to tour thanks to its endless list of exciting activities, landmark features, and technological developments. Besides the above tours, you can take a tour of the Singapore Zoo and have an adventure taking a walk through Chinatown as you taste various local cuisines. You can even enjoy a night tour of the city while visiting entertainment joints and experience the bursting nightlife.