The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Online Dating Apps

The world has dramatically changed. From VHS player to online streaming, from black and white TV to flat-screen colored Smart TV and from MP3 Player to music streaming apps, the differences between then and the now are significantly obvious. The innovation is overwhelming and scary sometimes, but change is always exciting, especially if it’s for the betterment of the world. 


Let’s take courting and dating as examples. During the era of our parents, courting and dating were both done either in person or through mails, and finding the prospective guy or gal was through a recommendation of a friend or through meeting in school or in the neighborhood.  Now, with the advancement of technology, dating is done online through top dating apps, and there are success stories everyone can get inspiration from.


With the popularity of online dating apps, a lot of single people are into it. Many people took a dating course but still couldn’t win a girl, but not the same story if you have how2txther download, it will improve your dating skills and give you the chance to get one another date. Some are dead serious about finding partners, but some are just using it for fun, and worst, some are using the apps to scam and victimize others. Thus, if you are one of those that want to try online dating, better read these do’s and don’ts first. 

Do’s of Using an Online Dating App 

Do take it slowly but surely. Yes, it is easier to say words through chat, but if it involves feeling, be careful. Think before you click the send button. Saying I love you is easier than showing how much you love a person. Since it is just through chat, reserve the magic words for the day that you are sure about having a relationship with that person on the other end of the chatroom. 


Do research about the dating app you will be using. Some are actually avenues for scams. Thus, it is your responsibility to investigate first before you sign up for it. You may ask for friends’ feedback in case they have already used the app. Let’s take tinder scams as examples. Tinder is one of the most used apps and it’s easy and fast to sign up, making it prone to fraudsters or other bad people. 


Do keep an eye for scammers. If it is not the app itself, it may be the members who can lure you. It is easier to scam someone when there is a romantic relationship involved, so be careful. 


Do show some finesse when doing a video call with the app’s member. While it is sometimes okay to be wild, it is always a must that especially during the first few times you do a video chat, you show that you are just wholesome. Remember it is easy to take a screenshot of the moving pictures.


Do know that just because you are chatting through an app does not mean that you are just keeping the romantic relationship online. Consider meeting in person and continue what has been started.

Do read your chatmate’s profile information. You mostly find details about him/her on the about section. If your chatmate is too open, you are lucky because you will be able to get a lot of information about him/her. However, be extra careful because not everything you see on the app is true.  


Don’ts of Using an Online Dating App

Do not write too private information about you on your profile. We just want to be vigilant despite wanting to be open to a possible chatmate that can possibly be your partner. 


Do not disclose too much information about you during the actual chat with someone. Again, you do not want to be a victim of a lover who has a hidden agenda. 


Do not send nude pictures. With the convenience a dating app provides when it comes to meeting people and building romantic relationships with them, using this also comes with responsibilities. One of them that you must not forget is that you do not send something that is sexually harassing, like naked photos. Also, sending naked photos to your chat mate might put yourself into a situation where you will be blackmailed in case the person you will send the nude photos to is actually an opportunist. 


Do not excessively edit your profile picture. This is not just because you have to be honest on this app, you also would not want to confuse your chat mate in case you decide to meet in person. An unedited profile picture that shows your real physical appearance helps a lot in building trust and a real relationship with someone. 

Final words
Anyone can be someone on any dating apps, so be responsible and be careful when using one. Do not be fooled by how easy it is to find a lover through them. Remember the do’s and don’ts above and start dating using a dating app.



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