The difference between Child Abuse and Discipline

What is the difference between Child Abuse and Discipline?  Apparently there seems to be some huge miscommunication in the parenting world regarding the difference.  I hope that I will be able to help clarify the difference. Observations on my part as a parent have helped me to define the difference.To most it would seem obvious, to others not so obvious.

1.  Anytime you place your child in danger or in a dangerous situation, this is a form of child abuse.  What consists of danger? Putting your small child in a bathtub alone? Yes, that would be one of them.  Not testing the water with your elbow, if it burns you, it will certainly burn their delicate skin. Not following the recommended dosages of medication.Taking your child with you to a known bad neighborhood. ie; drive by shootings.Driving too fast or erratically.Not using a child restraint seat.Driving while intoxicated or high.Texting while driving.Talking on the phone while driving.Leaving your child with a stranger.

2.  Spanking or hitting a child in anger.

Anytime you spank or hit your child in anger, you are committing child abuse, not giving discipline. The area of the buttocks is the recommended area for a ‘proper’ spanking.  The backs of the legs, or the back is NOT the area to hit. The face should never be struck. The child should be spoken to and explained (age appropriate) as to why the spanking is given.  Putting a small child in their bedroom for hours on end for a ‘crime’ they committed is child abuse.

A child easily forgets what they did wrong, and hours upon hours of being alone will just make matters worse.  They will forget how to behave around others. If they begin to repeat the ‘crime’ then a reminder of what they did wrong the first time should be sufficient. Keep in mind 1 minute per year for punishment with a small child is sufficient.  

Standing in the corner for 5 minutes isn’t going to hurt anyone, standing in a corner for hours, that is child abuse.

An Experts who writes subjects like child psychology with these services provider homework writing services, buy assignment online and term paper writing service suggests Hitting a child with ‘everything you’ve got’ is child abuse, remember that you are bigger and stronger than they are, hurting them is not discipline, it is child abuse.

Anytime you punch a child, that is child abuse.

3.  Calling a child names – This is child abuse.

Anytime you choose to swear at a child or use vulgar language directed at a child, this is child abuse. Telling a child they are worthless. Telling a child they are acting like (insert name here) when you are angry. Words Hurt.

4.  Allowing a child to hit another child is child abuse.

Encouraging one child to hit another or even allowing a smaller child to hit an older child ‘to teach them a lesson’ is child abuse. Violence begets violence.

5.  Teasing a child and making them cry is child abuse

Anytime you tease a child and it ends in tears, this is child abuse.  

You are teaching the child that you are bigger and are allowed to be mean, when they grow up, they can be mean too. Teasing begets teasing.

6.  Emotional Child abuse

Anytime you make a child feel worthless this is child abuse.  

Name calling or verbal child abuse will cause emotional instability.  Later in life they will either have low self esteem or abuse others.A child must always feel they were wanted.

NEVER tell a child they were an ‘accident’.

7.  Neglect

Neglect comes in many forms.  Most would see the obvious, such as withholding food or clothing.  There are other forms of neglect as well.

Withholding affection. Leaving your child in their room or bed all day because you’re busy. Leaving your child at the sitters while you go on about your life, or partying.

Isolation of the world, not letting them play with other children. Not letting them play with their toys, for weeks on end or taking them completely away, because you don’t want to pick up the mess.

8. False Promises

Anytime you promise something to a child and have no intention of coming though with the promise, this is a form of child abuse.  If this is a continuing process with you, you must not get upset with the child when they fail to come through with their promises, such as ‘being good’. Fulfill your promises like these marketing assignment help ,do my term paper and research paper writing service services provider do with their clients  .

9. Lying

If you spend your time lying to your child, this is what you will get in return.  It is what you have taught them to do.

10.  NEVER EVER sexually molest a child.

Not only is this sick behavior, it will harm the child’s entire mental well-being.  If at any time you have an urge to do something such as this, seek help immediately.  For yourself as well as the child.

If this seems like a lot of information to absorb, think of the child.  They are like little sponges absorbing everything that is put in front of them.  Each thing you do to your child will be tucked away in their memory bank. Think of your own childhood.  What happened that you felt was not deserved? Are you repeating that behavior? Do you want your child to repeat what you have done?  

If at any time you feel that you are losing your cool and aren’t sure where to turn, call someone, anyone.  Put the child in a safe place, crib, bedroom etc., and take a breather. Calm yourself. Making yourself calm will help you deal with a screaming or upset child. it will in turn calm the child.  Count to 10 before committing yourself to anything with a child when you’re upset. Once you have committed an act of child abuse, it will be too late to take it back. Stopping yourself before hand is much easier than dealing with the outcome.