The Best Shoes for Lifting In 2023


Every sport exerts different levels of pressure on different body parts. Most of this pressure is exerted on the feet. For this reason, athletic shoes have come into focus, designed with the interest of competitors and athletes in mind.

With this, companies such as have gone a step further to design shoes for specific athletes involved in lifting. Sports shoes will typically vary in design, weight, and material specialized for running, hiking, jogging, throwing, and lifting. Lifting shoes allow one to manage heavier loads with the strain resting on your feet being received comfortably.

What You Must Consider When Choosing the Best Lifting Shoe

Choosing the correct shoe for lifting is not as straightforward as it looks. Some athletes go barefoot when lifting for comfort, but weightlifting shoes are recommended to avoid slipping and offer stability. A raised heel characterizes the best lifting shoes for ankle mobility, and hard soles allow you to exert force into the ground when lifting.

The best lifting shoe does more than offer you stability in training. It reduces the risks of aggravating the injury in a workout and keeps you from exerting too much pressure on your back, which is a long-term advantage. Ultimately, you get the most out of your workout by having the right shoe.

Some of the best Velaasa shoes for lifting include:

Velaasa Strake Olympic: Weightlifting Shoe

Also known as the Strake shoe, this is a fantastic premium shoe by Velaasa. This specific shoe style is characterized by a wooden heel that allows lifting athletes to get a good base, feel for the ground, and achieve that solidity perfect for balance and positioning. The wooden element is also a traditional touch that looks good and differs from what we see today with more sophisticated materials.

The top part of the Velaasa Strakes shoe is covered in reinforced synthetic leather. The heel counter is in TPU, a material used specifically in making soles due to its light, elastic, and flexible properties. The stitching to bring all the components together in a Strakes shoe is expertly done. The Velaasa Strokes also boasts an even weight distribution despite its wooden component.

The Velaasa Strake also has a notably raised heel to increase the ankle range of motion and offer a more stable squat position. This is essential for weightlifters looking to have stability and some of the pressure absorbed during workouts. The Velaasa shoes are also vigorously tested by athletes and coaches in the lifting community.

Another aspect that sets the Strokes shoe apart is that its lacing is simple, with a flap on the top to hold the foot in place and give that snug feeling. The material is also light enough to ensure comfort and movement. Little perforations on the sides are notable for letting air in during training.

The overall weight of men’s 10 is 20.32oz with a heel height of 22mm. The Strake shoe comes in different colors, with the Olympic Weightlifting Shoe in Black, Navy Blue, Red, Winter White, and Spring Blue retailing at $189.00. Velaasa also has the option to laser-engrave any Strakes shoe with a flag, logo, text, or even photographs at an added fee of $12.00.

Velaasa Raptors

This is a shoe that is amazing for training sessions. It cushions the feet properly on the ground, improving grip and balance while allowing for solid movement while working out. It also has added advantages in its lightweight material and water-resistant exterior.

The beauty of Velaasa Raptors is that they are not just restricted to lifting alone. The design allows for a lot of movement, which could be incorporated into different training activities such as light running and jogging. They are also perfect for a bit of light hiking.

The upper part of the Raptors has a simple flappy feel to it. It also has a PU toecap and a TPU heel counter at the back. A lot of ECE boost characterizes the midsole, but the shoe still retains that firmness.

The heel-toe drop is 12mm, and the weight for men’s 10 is 14oz, which is typically quite heavy. The outsole tread grip and the synthetic base material combine the diverse functioning of the Velaasa Raptors. The shoe goes for around $139.00.

Though many companies have come up with different shoe designs in recent years, Velaasa has proved to have the best shoe that sets itself apart from the rest. Through its unique designs for both the Raptor and the Strake, Velaasa has proved itself capable of producing the best lightweight and practical athletic shoes.