The Amazing Health Benefits of Going to the Beach



The beautiful water, serene ambiance and calming atmosphere have made the beach a premier destination for people from all walks of life. However, did you know that going to and spending time at the beach actually has health benefits?


It’s true!


However, before you start researching on sites like BeachRated to figure out what you need for a beach vacation, you may be interested to learn just what health perks this vacation has to offer.


Amazing Stress Relief Benefits


By far, the biggest and most appealing benefit of going to the beach is that it is a huge stress relief. The moment you get out of your car and step into the sun, you can feel that sense of calm overcome you.


The waves and sun can work together, resulting in total body relaxation, while helping you forget your day to day stresses. In addition to serotonin being released virtually instantly when you get to the beach, the visuals and sounds of the ocean are also peaceful and soothing.


The fact is, the beach is so calming and such a great source of relaxation that a large number of people choose this for their sleep machines. There are even some doctors who prescribe light therapy to patients facing high levels of stress and anxiety.


Get Rid of Acne


Salt, or officially sodium chloride, is a great cleansing agent, and can often help you get rid of unsightly acne. Why? Because, it helps to reduce the production of bacteria, which is the top cause of acne.


Think about it – water on beaches is made of salt water. As a result, instead of having to use potentially hazardous chemicals to get rid of blackheads and pimples, you can just take a trip to the beach. Sounds pretty nice, right?


Soak Up that Vitamin D


An essential vitamin for everyone, regardless of age or gender, is Vitamin D. However, very little of this vitamin can be absorbed by the food you eat.


While you may drink a bit of milk that is enriched with vitamin D, there isn’t enough for your body to absorb what it needs each day. The good news is, if you just spend about ten minutes in the sun, you can actually absorb the vitamin D that you need for the day, right through your skin.


Eliminate Cases of a Stuffy Nose


Did you know that the beach can actually help you get rid of that annoying stuffy nose? In order to do this effectively, you have to ensure that your nasal passageways remain moist. While you can opt to drink plenty of fluids and to use a humidifier to eliminate that “stuffed up” feeling, there is another option – go swimming at the beach.


By diving in the water at the beach, your nasal passageways will get moist. Even better, any excess moisture that is present in your nose will be quickly removed. Not only that, but you get to relax in the ocean.



Get some Exercise


It doesn’t matter if you want to just eliminate a bit of extra energy, stay in shape or to lose weight, the beach is a great place to do all these things. Why? Because there are more than a few outlets. For example, you can head to the water for a swim or go surfing. Or, you can stay on shore, go for a walk or run, or just collect seashells.


As you can see, the act of going to the beach is not only fun, but it can also be good for your health. Now you have a few more reasons to go ahead and plan your next beach excursion.