There’s no taste like OM

James-Hilber _at_Daisy_Hill_Farm
Westchester resident James Hibler’s    Om Champagne Tea is one of about 200 nominees in the Food category for Martha Stewart’s American Made Award, winner to be announced in mid-September 2013.
James has been making Om Champagne Tea since 2011.  The product debuted at the 2011 Pound Ridge Harvest Fest, and he has been selling at farmers markets at Pound Ridge, the John Jay Homestead in Katonah and at the Beacon Farmers Market.
James-Hilber _at_Daisy_Hill_Farm
Everyone loves Champagne Tea, the response to the tea from children to hipsters to parents and grandparents has been overwhelming.  Everyone is craving delicious and nutrient dense hydration.  The plethora of products on the market can claim only 1 or 2 healthful qualities as selling points; Om Champagne Tea claims it all.  Using only the purest and organic ingredients, Om Champagne Tea is thirst quenching, naturally fizzy, packed with nutrients (it is considered by some to be the best liver cleanse around), pro-biotic, and absolutely delicious.  And it is non-alcoholic, so Om Champagne Tea is for everyone in the family.
Celebrate Probiotic-ly!
The elixir, whose history dates back over 2000 years to Northeast Asia, is naturally fizzy, probiotic fermented tea, packed with with enzymes and nutrients which support the immune system.  In the 4th century, this special tea, named after the Korean physician Dr. Gombu, was prescribed to the Japanese emperor and was cured of his ailments.  “Cha” is Korean and Japanese means “tea.”
Because the nominees in each of the 6 categories and the grand prize winner will be determined by the number of votes, home town support will be crucial. Audience members can vote upto 6 times a day for their company choice.  
Go to Om Champagne Tea page and vote:
to read more about James and Om Champagne Tea and to support local, om-grown business!
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