Surrogacy in Cyprus: Main Types and Features of Drafting an Agreement

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Everyone on earth strives to continue their own generation, and therefore the birth of healthy offspring. Unfortunately, the desire is often not enough. In such cases, individuals are forced to resort to the use of assisted reproductive technology programs. One of the types of assisted reproduction is the method of maternal surrogacy. It is becoming popular today since having surrogacy services allows solving problems with infertility.

The considered type of assisted reproductive technologies is legally allowed in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Cyprus, etc. Surrogacy is practiced in Brazil, India, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, and Peru. It is prohibited in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy; does not apply in Morocco, Jordan, Malaysia, Portugal, Uruguay, Venezuela. Below, we would like to tell you about surrogacy in Cyprus, but if you need more information, please visit the website of the specialized agency World Center of Baby by following the link

Types of Surrogacy in Cyprus

According to the experts of the World Center of Baby, all types of surrogacy are based on using only one criterion – the genetic link. But despite this, the circle of persons between whom the genetic link exists can be different:

  1. Genetic relationship between a surrogate mother and a baby;
  2. The genetic link between a child and both or one of the actual parents (dad or mom).

Characteristic Signs of the Surrogacy Agreement

In order to avoid unforeseen situations in the relationship of childbearing and protect the rights of both parties, the relationship of surrogacy is regulated by an agreement concluded between a surrogate mother Cyprus and a spouse. There is a significant list of features of such a document. Thus, surrogacy agreements usually have such characteristics as consensuality, timeliness, the written form of presentation, and so on.

Most scholars focus on its civil-law nature of the surrogacy agreement, despite the fact that the relationship between the spouses and the surrogate moms exists within the jurisdiction of civil and family law. Precisely because it concerns the regulation of both property and non-property rights of surrogate woman and actual parents, the terms must meet the requirements of not only civil but also family law. Being the most important document regulating the process of surrogacy, the agreement must clearly, undoubtedly, and fully define all approaches and procedures related to the application of the chosen method of assisted reproduction.

Pay attention that the surrogacy cost Cyprus is around 30,000 USD. The cost of living expenses, nutrition, and clothing fees during pregnancy are not included here. However, it is possible to carry out the perfect procedure without much money, or even on a free price basis. Even same-sex couples (male or female) and LGBT (gay men, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, etc.) may get expensive surrogacy services.

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