Surprising Facts About the Roles of Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers purchase land and persuade zoning officials to allow them to build residential communities or commercial structures. Then, they manage the labor and construction process to produce a finished product.


They Make a Lot of Money

Real estate developers such as Angelo Ingrassia Rochester NY are responsible for bringing a real estate project to life. They are responsible for acquiring the land, obtaining financing, creating budgets, hiring contractors and day workers, and interfacing with other key decision-makers throughout each step of construction.

They make much money selling the finished product – residential units or commercial spaces. They also make a substantial amount of money from the projects they finance. They secure loans by charging fees such as loan origination fees or taking a percentage of the equity investments made by investors.

Most real estate developers start their careers by working for a development firm before they move up the ranks and work on their projects. They then become experts in specific types of land development. They may even start their own construction and real estate development companies. 


They Have a Lot of Fun

Real estate developers love transforming the landscape of neighborhoods, towns, and cities. They see imbalances and have a vision of what is needed. They are like artists who can make something beautiful out of raw materials. They are unafraid of taking risks and always seek new opportunities. They also have excellent problem-solving skills. When a roadblock arises, they can find solutions quickly and efficiently. This is how they can come in on time and budget. Property development is a team sport, so it is vital that real estate developers can communicate effectively. It is important to ask potential developers how they organize their internal communication systems with contractors, architects, engineers, and other professionals working on a project. A developer who cannot effectively and consistently communicate with everyone involved will never be successful in the industry. This is why choosing a property development company with the best reputation for communicating with clients is important.


They Are Involved in Every Stage of the Process

A real estate developer is responsible for every step of the property development process – finding investment opportunities, constructing buildings, ensuring all legal and regulatory requirements are met, and overseeing a project from start to finish. They also need to be expert project managers and people connectors. A typical development project requires a team of attorneys, engineers, environmental consultants, architects, surveyors, and contractors – which means developers need to know who to enlist, when to get their attention, and how best to leverage them for the success of the development.

Many real estate developers transition into the profession after gaining experience in other sectors, such as investment banking or commercial brokerage. 


They Have a Lot of Responsibility

Real estate developers often work for large real estate development agencies or land companies. Some even start their firm to develop and manage their projects. Regardless, the job takes work and time. There are many obstacles to overcome to become a real estate developer.

The first challenge is financing. A developer must find investors or a personal or business loan to finance their projects. They also have to find the best contractors and builders for the construction. A developer should have good relationships and be an excellent team builder. Once a project has started, the developer must ensure it gets completed on time and within budget. It is not uncommon for a project to go over budget, but the developer should be able to recognize these risks early on and work to mitigate them. If they can, they will succeed in real estate development.