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You know the drill.

It’s Saturday night.  Dinner reservations are made, you are going out with your friends, you are showered, make up is on, all you need to do is get dressed.

You go into your closet, which is needless to say full, and you say to yourself, I’ve got nothing to wear .

Well if that isn’t you, you might know someone who this scenario applies to.

I love to shop and my closet can always use some editing. I have trouble parting with things even if they are out of style, stained, or omg don’t do it anymore.

StyleCycle to the rescue

Here’s how it works: Cleaning out your closet is the first step to creating a streamlined, fabulous wardrobe. StyleCycle will help you tackle the job and even take your unwanted items to consignment. You get the cash!

Next. The outfit making. Two pairs of eyes, that are style trained


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Next, they style what’s in your closet by remixing what you already own. They show you how to wear clothes and accessories in a stylish new way that reflects you only you turned up a notch. Not only do they help you put all of the pieces together, but the best part is a personal look book filled with pages of photos of you in the outfits that you created , with notes and comments included

They come with their own  clothing Rack

On the day Lisa Ballou and Susan Goodman came to my closet we worked for 4 hours straight.  We came up with at least 30 outfits.   I had so many beautiful things in my closet that I hardly wore.
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I was actually excited to get dressed for my next event.


Its been a few weeks since StyleCycle came to my closet.  They truly opened my eyes to how much I really have.  Even my husband has complemented me on my dressing.  It doesn’t get any better than that.




 StyleCycle can help you cleanse, organize and restyle your wardrobe so you always look and feel great

StyleCycle helps clients cleanse their closets, recycle tired clothes for cash, and restyle their wardrobe

Susan Goodman and Lisa Ballou Launch StyleCycle, a Personalized Styling Service Dedicated to Helping Women Create Effortlessly Chic Wardrobes


2 thoughts on “StyleCycle Finally Something To Wear

  1. diane Drummond says:

    Thanks for the fabulous tip/information! This just what I need I I am the perfect candidate! xo

  2. diane Drummond says:

    Thanks for the fabulous tip/information! This just what I need I I am the perfect candidate! xo

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