StacyKnows Text Message for your Business Voice mails And Emails are So 1990’s


mercury Send

Did you know 98% of people read a text message as soon as it’s received!? 
Tech start up MercurySend is changing how we communicate with our established customers and clients.
Need to remind your patients or clients about their appointment?

Need to notify all your staff or students about changes to schedules or in an emergency? Need to remind guests on your next charity event address and time?

Spare yourself the wasted time calling people, leaving voice mails, and emails that are so 1990s. offers an easy to use web interface so you can schedule important text messages, upload your contacts, create groups all with a simple sign up process.

MercurySend can send hundreds or thousands of text messages at once and is used in all types of business models. Medical, Dental, Crisis Management, Payment Reminders, Realtors, Automotive are all seeing the time and cost benefits, because a text message targets your people when it really counts. Now we might all love receiving a text to meet up for lunch or about the next big party, but sometimes, even Stacy Knows it’s nice to receive a text when it can save your life during a crisis, or, remind you of that all Important hair appointment you almost forgot about.

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