Spring Clean Your Dating Routine

early-spring-cleaningAccording to the groundhog yesterday, spring time is only 6 weeks away!

Dana Michel, the founder of  marriagematerial.co an Ivy League educated, single native New Yorker intends to change the dating landscape by offering marriage-minded singles, both straight and gay, a place to connect with others seeking a serious relationship.

Dana believes that in terms of straightening up and clearing out your physical space, we should be applying that same “SPRING CLEANING” principle to our love lives?

Tips on getting a head start on spring cleaning your love life:


#1 Clean up your Social Media

You should assume anyone interested in dating you will google your name. Therefore, revisit and update all of your social media ASAP!  Make sure you don’t have a shrine to your Ex or inappropriate pictures of scantily clad women on Facebook.


#2 Get rid of the Randoms in your life

Don’t waste time with people who are not marriage material. It gets lonely over time; however, spending time with a person who you are too embarrassed to introduce to friends, family and colleagues is a complete waste of time.


# 3 Dust of your list of Must- Haves, Nice to Haves and Deal Breakers

If you’re currently dating someone who’s breaking an important deal-breaker (and is unwilling to change), why are you still dating him? Make a fresh start with someone who’s in line with your most important values.


#4 Refresh your living space
Don’t underestimate the impact of your home environment on your thoughts and mood. Get rid of items that bring you down and add some items that lift you up.  Start entertaining so that you can start creating a home instead of a house.


# 5 Boost your self confidence

Head to the gym, get a new haircut, go blonde or grow a beard   to get yourself out of an appearance rut. A simple lipstick can boost your confidence.  Work on the inside and outside on a parallel path.


# 6 Toss the baggage

Purge any fear, anxiety, or self-criticism — anything that’s holding you back. While you’re at it, lose any emotional baggage, as well. Pack up those suitcases full of guilt and regret so you can move forward, free and clear. Add some positive thoughts, such as, “I’m smart,” “I’m talented,” and “I’m oh-so-fabulous.”

Relationships reflect aspects of ourselves. So by sorting out your thoughts and replacing the bad with the good, you’ll attract better relationships. Predatory people target people with low esteem.

# 7 One day at a time

We all make big New Year’s resolutions and then feel guilty when we do not follow through.  Instead, set small achievable goals for yourself and work on them one day at a time







About Marriage Material

A new dating site, Marriage Material, is not your typical dating venue.   Founder and President Dana Michel has created a place where only marriage-minded singles can go to find their true love. Plus this site doesn’t set limitations to sexual preference, race, religion, age or professional status; all people are welcomed for being matched.  The Marriage Material dating site has over 20,000 members on their site, and their services are available in selected areas. For more information, visit www.marriagematerial.co.