Spring Break for Adults

Getting out and enjoying those first rays of the warm spring sun isn’t just for college kids. More and more couples are taking advantage of better weather and great deals for a special couples-only spring break getaway. So cast away those old ideas of drunken parties and crowded beaches and instead find some relaxed fun in some of these exciting destinations that are perfect for a couples-only vacation.

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Southwestern Virginia, USA

Yes, you read that right. The mountains of Southwestern Virginia (SWVA) are amongst the most beautiful in the country. Start your explorations in Charlottesville at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where you can explore the area’s proud history (Jefferson and the University of Virginia) as well as the state’s well-known wineries. From there head west and explore towns like Lexington and Roanoke before arriving at the stately Homestead Resort, one of the country’s oldest hotels. It’s a great place to find some luxurious rest and relaxation high up in the Allegheny Mountains. SWVA is a fantastic year-round destination and in the spring you can try your hand at golf, go for a falconry lesson, or hike along any of the hotel’s beautiful forest trails.

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Amelia Island, Florida, USA

Sure, Florida is the most popular spring break destination for the college kids, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it altogether. There are many quiet enclaves along the state’s shores, including beautiful Amelia Island. An easy drive from Jacksonville, Amelia Island is quiet at almost any time of year, guaranteeing those long romantic walks along the beach that you’ve been craving. There are also some amazing hotels and resorts on the island, meaning that you can create the ultimate luxury spring break escape in Florida without annoying and loud crowds.

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If you’re determined to kick up your heels on a tropical island during your spring break, fear not, there’s a place where you can go and not be harassed by co-eds. The southern Caribbean island of Curacao has all the tropical luxuries you’d expect: beaches, nightlife and a vibrant culture, without the normal beach crowds. The island also has a decidedly European feel, thanks to its status as part of the Dutch Caribbean. Here you’ll find all of the typical beach haunts, along with activities and food that are all classically Dutch. For something a little different, be sure to visit the island’s ostrich farm where you can try your hand at riding these gigantic birds.

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For something radically different from the standard sunny beaches, head to the new tourist hot spot, Iceland. An easy flight from the U.S., Iceland is small enough for a fun weekend getaway, but large enough to guarantee plenty of things to do. If it’s your first visit, you’ll want to stay in Reykjavik and take a few day trips out of town to visit the island’s famous geysers, waterfalls and of course the famous thermal spa, The Blue Lagoon. If you’ve been to Iceland before, or you just want to do something a little different, try staying at a rural farm-holiday offered by Icelandic Farm Holidays. This service connects tourists with rural B&Bs and hotels around Iceland, guaranteeing a more intimate experience in the “Land of Ice and Fire.” What are some of your favorite couples-only spring break getaways?

By:  Matt Long