Smart Lifestyle Decisions for Moms and Dads

Are you a parent who feels the need for a few lifestyle changes? Don’t feel alone because many moms and dads are constantly looking for ways to enhance their overall security, financial stability, and relationships with their children. For many couples, the first step of a lifestyle improvement program is related to home security. Not only is it wise to pay attention to things like alarm systems and smart locks, but it’s also a good idea to plan for children’s college expenses.

Another major element of the plan is teaching youngsters about stranger danger. For long-term financial stability, make sure you have enough life insurance based on your current income and financial needs. Finally, keep a close eye on what schools are teaching your children, especially in early grades, and monitor kids’ online activities for their own good. Step one is making sure your home is safe from intruders.

Getting a Home Security Checkup

Spend the modest sum to have your home’s overall security checked out by a professional. In less than an hour, a licensed expert will give you a detailed report about where you need to add protection and what kinds of devices and systems are available. It’s up to you to choose what to install, buy, or use. The checkup is a service offered by most alarm companies and locksmiths. Consider working with a reputable locksmith that offers a flat rate checkup fee and has experience with all types of smart locks, cameras, and motion detection devices. Modern locksmiths offer a much wider range of services than they did just a decade ago.

Helping With College Expenses for Children

If you want to help your kids when they go to college, find out about all the options at your disposal. For example, instead of having children borrow all the funds in their name, you can choose a low-rate private parent loan and take some of the indebtedness off their shoulders. That way, graduates won’t be liable for the entire amount of their education on graduation day. With PPLs like Earnest parent loans, moms and dads can borrow some or all of the college expense money in their own names. Assisting with college costs is your decision entirely, but with private parent loans, you and your children can decide how to split up college costs in whatever way you wish.

Warning Kids About Stranger Danger

Familiarize yourself with cybersecurity basics and review the common stranger danger techniques that you can find at any number of online child safety websites. Warn children about how to avoid suspicious adults, particularly in situations where they might trust someone like a teacher, neighbor, or family friend. While not strangers, some people can pose threats to children in multiple circumstances. Teach kids how to spot odd requests and unusual behavior, even when it doesn’t come from strangers. Don’t assume children learn these skills at school. You need to teach them what to watch out for.

Buying Enough Life Insurance

Speak with a competent insurance agent and learn how to calculate the right amount of life insurance you should have. In most cases, the total will be based on your current and expected income, the size and possible future size of your family, and your spending habits and lifestyle. Do an insurance review at least once per year to update all policies, not just life coverage.

Monitoring Education and Online Activity

For young children, the internet can be a very dangerous place. Monitor everything kids do online by checking their search histories and social sites regularly. Speak with them about what is and is not allowed. Do the same for school lessons. Find out what they’re being taught at school, who’s teaching it, and what each lesson plan contains.