Sliding Into Fall With End Of Summer Vibes

Following a scorching summer, many Americans will be relieved to see the leaves falling and a breeze spread across the country. However, while fall will certainly bring some cooling, the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that it won’t quite be sweater weather as fall rolls around. With that in mind, it’s worth re-assessing fashion options as the seasons start to turn. Rather than looking into the snug and cozy warming clothes typically associated with the shoulder season, it may be better to find ways of extending summer styles in a way that still works for slightly chillier climates.
Bright and wonderful
The summer trends that defined 2022 focused on bright and beautiful clothes. Forest-like green hues, silky white numbers, and colorful orange and coral dresses were some of the most popular trends working their way around society, and it has all-in been a very bright and vibrant season. Continuing that into fall is a great way to have a contrast against the muted tones associated with fall, and make the most of the continuing sun’s rays. Vogue magazine recommends zesty lime, burnt orange, and Barbiecore pink. These incredibly bright tones, worn on everything from flares to midi dresses, will keep the warmth going despite the relative cool of the season. That’s good news, and a wonderful way to continue expressing personality.
Going for the sweater
While it’s going to be a warm fall, there will be some states where you can get away with pulling on a sweater. Of course, sweaters are not at all common in summer, but you can definitely bring in the colors and vibes of the season. One DIY fashion hack suggested by USA Today is to tie dye your jumpers. This brings in a boho feel – something commonly seen in 2022s summer styles – and it once again gets those bright, vibrant colors out, preserving the joy of the summer months well into the third season.
Tanks and wide jeans
According to InStyle, the enduring summer style that’ll continue to make waves through fall is a simple one. White tank tops and wide jeans, which have captured a time-honored 80s-90s vibe, were well worn in the chillier nights through the summer of 2022. While not as outright colorful, the light and airy combination provides a phenomenal sense of chic, and it’s relaxed, too. It’s also versatile, giving you the opportunity to stay cool or wrap up in the evenings. It’s a truly relaxed and accessible fashion trend, but one that will last well into fall and then into winter.
The end of summer is providing considerable fashion guidance to those anticipating a warm fall. The fashion that made the summer of 2022 so fun and vibrant can stay in the wardrobe for just a bit longer, tiding over fashion conscious individuals until the temperature really starts coming down. That’s good news, and a sign that the vibrancy of modern fashion trends will keep having an impact well into the end of the year.