SLEEP: The weight loss secret

Sleep has been all over the news lately, including reports that a good snooze is critical for everything from business success and IQ to better intimacy. New studies are also showing more and better sleep is the key to natural weight loss.
A Mayo Clinic study found that women who slept less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours per night were more likely to gain 11 pounds than women who slept 7 hours per night; meanwhile, researchers at the Harvard-affiliated General Hospital for Children determined that kids who are sleep-deprived were about 2 1/2 times more likely to be obese than those who consistently got enough sleep.


The secret key to losing weight … easily! Train your brain and say goodbye to diets … forever! You think losing weight is all about diet and exercise.

“This has been the mayor breakthrough in weight loss and hypnosis,” Joy says. “With our techniques you can install a virtual gastric band that will literally shrink your stomach size without any surgery”



You think: “If only I could just stick to that diet, resist the carbs and exercise daily, I would lose weight! But I am too weak and don’t have the willpower…” You are stuck in a vicious cycle, going from failed diets to bouts of secret indulgence, from deprivation to frustration!


What you don’t know: You are fighting a war against yourself and subconsciously setting yourself up for failure! Your subconscious mind rules how you think, react … and eat. The good news is: You can train your brain to work for you, to automatically achieve weight loss for life! Sleep Your Fat away reveals:

• How to shrink your stomach and lose weight effortlessly.

• How to train your brain while you sleep … and much more!


Your personal coach at your bedside While you are sleeping, your subconscious mind receives seven hours of positive affirmations and empowering beliefs. It is the pain-free path to your ideal weight. The Authors Joy Martina, MD is a Rapid Change Coach, founder of the Christallin Method, and trainer of weight-loss experts and an ex-carb and chocolate addict! Roy Martina, MD is the number one Holistic Thought Leader of Europe. Roy effortlessly lost forty pounds in six months and has kept his ideal weight since. Today the Martinas are healthy, happy, and slim and with Sleep Your Fat Away, you can be too.