Shoes that Showcase Your Inner Athlete




When you feel passionate about your sport, it’s hard to create a solid boundary between your passion and your daily existence.

Work, chores, and other responsibilities mean you can’t spend every waking minute doing the physical activity you love. You can, however, carry over that passion for your sport into your daily wardrobe while paying tribute to what makes exercise possible: your feet.

Here are a few fun ways to pay homage to your sport of choice when you’re out of the studio, off the field, and out of the gym.



Running is an incredibly popular sport, due to its low startup cost and accessibility. Of course, the runner’s high that occurs when the endorphins are flowing is a perk as well. For runners, their feet are everything. Due to the training requirements for the race day, they may also be faced with the reality of having to sneak in a run while at work.

For runners on the lam, try wearing slip-on shoes like Vans or Toms. With their various style applications and affordability, slip-on shoes will give you that running shoe feel with added comfort to protect your greatest asset. They’re usually appropriate for the workplace and are a far better alternative to heels, which can do some serious damage to your personal best.

Powerlifters and Weightlifters


Similar in nature, powerlifting and weightlifting incorporate picking up heavy things and putting them back down. While the techniques are vastly different, the footwear requirements are the same: flat-soled and balanced. Wouldn’t you want to make sure your feet are stable before putting a hundred pounds on your back or over your head?

In recent years, there’s been a paradigm shift of women getting more comfortable with the idea of lifting heavy and dispelling the myths surrounding the sport. This newfound passion has become a form of empowerment that touches all aspects of the athletes’ lives.

For the lifting ladies, showcase your inner rebel with a pair of Converse, either high or low top. Dress them up with a blazer, blouse, and fitted pants for the office. Find the balance and stability you need to succeed, whether you’re in a meeting or just changing the jug on the water cooler.



Dance is a unique sport as it is also an emotional art form. Dancers are not only athletes but performers. Their sport resonates through every aspect of their existence. As such, it’s not surprising that dancers want to carry aspects of that passion into their daily existence.

For the dancers, showcase your inner mover and shaker by wearing ballet flats. Before you start trying to figure out where to find ballet shoes, you must know the difference between fashion statements and tools of the trade. Ballet shoes (pointe shoes excepted) are specifically designed with soft soles for flexibility while dancing in the studio or on stage. Ballet flats are designed to capture the aesthetics of ballet shoes, while offering added protection on the soles for dancing downtown.

As ballet flats are so versatile, you can wear them in professional, formal, and casual settings. For the heel-haters, ballet flats are a lifesaver.

Field Athletes


This is for the soccer players, the rugby scrummers, and the footballers. Cleats can be rough on the feet, especially when you’re forced to run on turf rather than sod. They also offer structure and support that may be hard to leave behind.

For the field athletes, try Blundstones or a cost-friendly form of Chelsea boots. This footwear offers you comfort for your overworked feet while conveying a message you’re not to be underestimated. Your cleats will carry you to a goal at the field, while your boots carry you to goals at work.

Court Athletes


Maybe you slam balls over the net on the tennis court. Perhaps you shoot hoops on the basketball court. Regardless, you spend a lot of time running around on a hard surface. When the game is over and the match is won, it’s time to incorporate some comfort and give your feet a rest.

For the court athletes, dress up a pair of tennis shoes. Easily paired with a skirt, jeans, or leggings, a stylish pair of tennis shoes brings your court life into the real world. Available in a variety of colors and styles, including sporty and subtle-chic, tennis shoes are a staple not only for court athletes but everyone listed above.

Which shoes showcase your athletic style?

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