Share Katonah Day

On October 17th, the town of Katonah is hosting a “Share Katonah” day and we  invite people to come to Katonah and have a shop with a friend day. Just a little bit of fun for a Fall day and also a great way to introduce more people to our awesome little town. Businesses ALL over Katonah will be offering specials, give-aways, and free services all day that day to anyone shopping with a friend and “Sharing Katonah”. Fishing, like any sport, requires a fundamental understanding of all the different types of equipment. We will provide a comparison of the types of fishing reels hat are commonly available and provide the info needed to make an informed choice when purchasing your reel. Spinning Reels. The most user-friendly reels available and therefore one of the most popular. Anglers can choose from a wide variety of size and quality and find a reel that suits their budge


Visit their Facebook event page for details!


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