How to look Sexy for any Occasion

How to look sexy for any occasion

Summer time is a season that often comes with a fully booked social calendar. This of course means that most of us have to go to a party straight from work. Thanks to celebrities, people expect others to look their best at all times. But it simply isn’t humanly possible to look impeccable 24/7. However, it is a little easier to look sexy for any occasion at any hour of the day if you choose your look carefully. Here are a few essentials that can help you looking camera ready all day and all night.

Clear and fresh skin

Clear_and_fresh _skin

Having a clear skin will help you cut down trips to the powder room and you’d be able to look sexy even after you have just stepped out of the water at the beach. This isn’t easy to fake so you need to invest in a good skincare and facial grooming routine. Have your eyebrows done by a professional every two weeks, get a salon facial once a month and do a basic cleanup once every week. And then you’d need to invest in skincare products that keep your skin looking clean, fresh and hydrated day and night. When you have clear skin, you won’t need to worry too much about makeup.

Kohl liner + mascara

Kohl liner + mascara

You may think you need to break out your big eyeshadow palette to look presentable but the fact remains that something as basic as a smudge proof kohl liner and a good volumizing, waterproof mascara can make you look sexy through the day without any touch ups.

Bold lip color

Bold lip color

Bold lip colors are back in vogue. Unlike lip glosses and pale lip shades, one is not required to touch these up every half an hour. Another big plus is that you don’t need to carry a lip liner to keep your bold lip color refreshed. Choose your go-to bold lip shade in a matte, non-transfer finish to keep your pucker looking glamorous all day and all night.

Invest in your hair style

Invest in your hair style

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to spend hours getting your hair right every day, get them professionally “permed”. You can choose between a straight perm (smoothening or rebonding) to get glassy smooth and pin straight hair through the day or you can get a curly perm (tight, afro-inspired curls or looser curls) to get hair that doesn’t need to be styled or even tied up. Since these treatments are devised to keep hair permanently styled, you won’t have to worry about a bad hair day ruining your look on any occasion.

Classic outfits have a more powerful effect

Experimenting with clothes is fun but you have to know that it is the classic pieces that will keep you looking stunning at all occasions. Think basic black LBD, the blue jeans with the crisp white blouse, the figure hugging scarlet dress or even your basic floral day dresses with plain cardigans and shrugs- these are the pieces that you can never go wrong with. If you want any more style inspiration for classic dressing, then just put together all the looks that Kate Middleton has worn through a season and use the same as your guide.

Clever baubles

lv2 b Fit logo

When it comes to accessorizing, less can often be more. A single statement necklace or a minimalist cuff bracelet could do more for your overall look than a bunch of baubles all thrown together. Carry a vintage brooch or a chunky cocktail ring in your bag and add it to your ensemble to create a sexy look instantly.

Comfortable but stylish shoes

The popular saying propagates that the more comfortable the shoe, the sexier you look in it. The truth however, is really the very opposite of it. Uncomfortable shoes can leave you standing with a bad posture and that can never look sexy. Pick a shoe that looks sexy even in a low heel height like kitten heel pumps, oxfords or even strappy wedge shoes. Glossy patent leather shoes are also very high impact and can be quickly cleaned with a wipe or a tissue to make them look glamorous.



Want to make a high impact when you’re walking the streets? Just keep your favorite pair of sunglasses on your face and you’d instantly look like a movie star even if you’re wearing your sweat suit! However, do remember to take them off once you get indoors or when it’s getting dark outside because the wearing sunglasses at night trend are more tacky than trendy.

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