It All Comes ;) Down to Sex and Money



With each new technological gain, each new stride in science, it all boils down to better and improved ways to titillate till culmination. And ways to make money. Sometimes both at the same time. 

Pornography has been consistent over the eons: hieroglyphics from Egyptian times, carvings on Khajuraho temples in India (otherwise known as the Kumasutra temples) and sketchy medieval wooden blocks. Except the level of sophistication. Today, we can surround ourselves with non-stop erotica through books, magazines, manga, movies and tv—and the best interactive form, the internet.


The internet provides endless and mostly free ways to dabble whether we peek out of curiosity or frolic with others in cyber/webchat. Some seek sexual entertainment and others romance and partnership. However, when virtual reality translates to possible real life meetings, another dimension comes into play: what’s seated at the other side of the computer screen.




That’s the new dilemma.


I recently came across two ebooks that address cyberworld sex and the transition from internet to real life in completely different ways. The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Women by Maura Stone is a scathing, hysterical guide to what’s online right now: catfish, scammers, Damaged Goods, escorts and zombies. This ebook navigates the treacherous waters of internet romance and websex while providing tremendous insight into the various characters who dominate the sites. I highly recommend this book to anyone who engages in online dating, flirting and/or ventures into more scurrilous activities.


The second ebook, Secrets & Seduction by Cheri Blossum is a very unusual erotic romance where the kinds of characters as described inThe Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Women come to life. The plot surrounds Janet, an internet innocent who’s befriended by a catfish and then romanced by a type that could only fall under, “Damaged Goods.” The sex is graphic and includes BDSM which further propels the plot. I’m certain things like this do occur online, but the full extent has yet to hit mainstream media. Until now here in this blog. Another great summer read that I recommend.


Insofar as the money portion, that’s for another post at another time!


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