The Self-Love Movement™ Launches Across the USA and Worldwide

Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of more than 13 books. is pleased today to announce the official national and worldwide launch of The Self-Love Movement™. Her goal is to spread the word, share the gift, and prepare people to forget those resolutions and instead “commit to themselves.”


book_banner2The Self-Love Movement™ is a worldwide, web-based initiative dedicated to teaching women and men what self-love is. It is all about making a commitment – to yourself and your happiness. People can “join” the movement by simply visiting the official website at   and downloading Daylle’s latest book, How Do I Love Me: Let Me Count the Ways, for free. If desired, they can also sign the pledge to make the 31-Day Commitment – to do something loving for yourself for 31 days

“After hating myself for many years and learning how to truly love myself” said Schwartz. “ I’ve recognized that most women and men seriously struggle with building real self-love. The Self-Love Movement™ is my way of sharing the lessons learned in a sometimes painful journey, reaching out to the world to show people how to start self-loving themselves right now.”

The Self-Love Movement™ is supported by over 80 Self-Love Ambassadors, and more are joining every day. More than 8,700 people from more than 100 countries have visited the website and downloaded the free book, and thousands have signed the pledge already.



About Daylle Deanna Schwartz
Daylle Deanna Schwartz – speaker, self-empowerment counselor, and best-selling author of 14 books, including Nice Girls Can Finish First – is the founder of The Self-Love Movement™. She has been interviewed on more than 500 television and radio shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America and CNN, and has been quoted in dozens of print publications, including The New York Times, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, NY Daily News, and The New York Post. Daylle writes a column on Huffington Post about self-empowerment and writes Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat for Beliefnet. She specializes in helping people learn how to love themselves more and tame their people-pleasing natures. Using cbd oil for restless leg syndrome USA could be a safe and effective way to alleviate day-to-day pain or discomfort. For more on Daylle, her books and activities, please visit  .