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There are no secrets among one close circle of six affluent women on the North Shore of Long Island.

And soon, they won’t have many secrets from reality show fans, either.

These women grew up together, got married together, got divorced together and now they will all star in a new Bravo television series together.

The show, “Secrets and Wives,” will go inside the lives of these women who are all reinventing themselves under the microscope of family, friends and exes, according to Bravo.

Many of the women on the show have dated the same men. “People break up, and they recycle. It’s literally like we’ve gone back to high school” said a castmate in the series trailer.

Watch them navigate through the difficulties of marriage and divorce in the series premiere on Tuesday, June 2 at 10 p.m.

The women of “Secret and Wives” live in the neighboring towns of Old Westbury, Roslyn and Syosset, according to the New York Post.

“We all support each other and we’re all there for each other, and yet, everybody talks about everybody,” a castmate reveals in the series trailer.

Bravo has a few things in store for “Secrets and Wives”:

“Throughout the season, this sisterhood of friends will come together and take on some of life’s biggest challenges. From second or third divorces, new marriages, searching for love, and adjusting to an empty nest, every conflict is fraught with decades of real baggage. Years of memories are amongst this intertwined group of women, but can they come together for the moments that truly matter most?”

Don’t expect the show to be a “Real Housewives” spinoff. “We’re not looking to pass judgment or start crazy fights for no reason,” castmate Liza Sandler told the Post.

Check out the trailer for the series below.

Meet the women of “Secrets and Wives”:

  • Andi Black, who is known as the life of the party, has been married and divorced several times. She is not afraid to bring up controversial topics, and she often tries to fix others’ relationships.
  • Susan Doneson is a divorced mother of three and the career woman of the group. She reconnected with her high school crush and dated him while he was in prison for two years. They had a son together after her was released.
  • Cori Goldfarb is “friends with everyone in this tight-knit Long Island group.” She runs a high-end spa with her husband, and the business puts a significant strain on their marriage.
  • Gail Greenberg is married to one of the top plastic surgeons in New York and is committed to keeping her marriage alive. Bravo described her as someone with a “type-A perfectionist personality, from her family to her appearance, fitness to her fashion and always strives to be the best version of herself.”
  • Amy Miller struggles with her love life and now with her on-and-off-again fiancé. Her relationship “may distract her from the enjoyable moments and instead put her at the center of the drama.”
  • Liza Sandler divorced from her hedge fund manager husband after she was caught having an affair with a powerful media figure. She now has to sell her home, according to the divorce settlement. “Not only is she dealing with an empty nest, but she also must figure out where she will be living to begin the next chapter of her life.”

What do you think? Can Bravo capture what it’s like to live on the North Shore?