Quick & Significant Weight Loss Solution Now Available in Westchester


No Calorie Counting or Grueling Workouts Needed to Outsmart Belly Fat and Midlife Weight Gain; Scientifically-designed “Balance 3-H Program” just launched at NY Health & Wellness


The secret to weight loss is actually not such a secret, or even so difficult to manage.  NY Health & Wellness, which recently opened its doors at 450 Mamaroneck Avenue in Harrison, has launched a results-driven weight loss solution that resets the hormones responsible for those “immovable love handles” and stubborn belly fat, often associated with midlife weight gain and menopause.  Called Balance 3-H, this new program has proven and quick results achieved by balancing the three hormones (ghrelin, leptin and cortisol) that control weight loss, along with your metabolism, appetite and food cravings.


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Designed by NY Health & Wellness Medical Director, Dr. Timothy Morley with Nutrition Director Jacqui Justice and Fitness Director, Lisa Avellino, the key to the success of the Balance 3-H is not crazy dieting, grueling exercising or drugs, “it is just very simply done by managing a very predictable midlife hormone imbalance,” says Dr. Morley.


According to Dr. Morley, understanding how the three hormones work is the “secret ingredient” needed for significant weight loss:


  1. Ghrelin – is the hunger hormone that when disrupted, proves that starvation diets don’t work. So, if you skip a meal, your ghrelin levels rise and you feel so starved that you end up binging on greater amounts and fattier foods in your next meal.  


  1. Leptin – is the appetite suppressor that signals to your brain when to stop eating. Unfortunately, leptin decreases as we age and we often don’t get the signals to stop eating when we need to.


  1. Cortisol – is the stress hormone that makes your body hold onto fat around your middle when you’re faced with a stressful situation. And, even worse, this hormone directs you straight to sweet and salty foods for comfort during stressful times.


“Stubborn weight gain and belly fat is almost always a result of hormonal imbalances that occur as we age.  The program we created for NY Health & Wellness members zeroes in on the three chief hormones responsible for this weight gain – ghrelin, leptin and cortisol,” says Dr. Morley.


“Therefore,  with the right supplements, combined with targeted exercise and a specific diet designed for this stage of hormonal imbalance, we are delivering the key to significant and expedited weight loss,” he added.


NY Health & Wellness is a new 6,000 square-foot facility that focuses on “healthy beautiful aging,” offering science-based programs and treatments that outsmart the aging process and elevate the wellness-consciousness of women and men seeking to restore their energy, lose weight, manage stress, improve their level of fitness and nutrition, and achieve a greater sense of overall health and wellness. NY Health & Wellness is founded on the principle that particularly in midlife, vitamin therapy, nutrition, weight-loss management, hormone optimization and other advanced integrative approaches to healthcare provide the keys to unlocking the secrets of perpetual wellness.

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According to NY Health & Wellness founder Mitch Suss, “We’ve created an individualized wellness program featuring weight loss solutions, fitness, nutrition, and psychological program, that are based on each person’s own hormone levels to maximize and energize their vitality, virility, and fitness levels. This will be accomplished scientifically by administering the proper nutrients, diet, supplements and vitamin therapy.”


For more information, call NY Health & Wellness at 914-703-4811, or visit www.nyhealthandwellness.com.