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Appointment television is a phenomenon that has pretty much come and gone. In decades past, people could be counted on to watch a popular show the night it aired (or miss it entirely), and talk about it at the water cooler the next day. If you missed it, you waited for the repeat, or made do with your coworker’s descriptions. And with kids, you had to be discreet about what exactly was on during the times they were awake, so you might end up not watching something you were excited about, because it was inappropriate for the little ones.

There are more options now. With Time Warner Cable, you can watch appointment television when it’s convenient for you. Watch any Primetime show up to 72 hours after it aired with Look Back, choose from hundreds of movies and TV programs with TWC on Demand, and adjust your DVR from your smartphone with TWC TV. With Time Warner triple play, you can even add Unlimited local and long-distance calling to anywhere in the US and Canada. In any case, you no longer have any reason to miss the shows people are talking about (although you’ll still have to beware of spoilers from your coworkers). Since you can watch what you want according to your schedule, you can save the grisly grownup stuff like AMC’s The Walking Dead for when the kids are away at soccer practice.

And The Walking Dead is amongst the best stuff cable has to offer. After the brutal midseason finale, wherein the survivors’ prison sanctuary was destroyed by the Governor’s last-ditch attack, those not killed in the attack (RIP Herschel) are scattered to the winds. The severely wounded Rick and disillusioned son Carl hide from the undead in an abandoned house, while the deadly Michonne undergoes a crisis of conscience regarding her place with the survivors. Tyreese is forced by circumstances beyond his control into caring for both Rick’s infant daughter and Carol’s adopted children (one of whom seems to have a dark secret). Newlyweds Glenn and Maggie are separated during the battle, leaving Maggie to hunt for her missing husband in a bus full of ravenous ghouls, while Glenn, still recovering from the swine flu that decimated the prison populace this season, joins forces with one of the Governor’s reluctant soldiers, the newly-alone Tara. The last few seconds of the most recent episode introduced Abraham Ford, a burly military man, but is he friend or foe?

There’s only one way to find out.

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