Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party


When you’re beginning to plan your child’s first birthday party, I’m sure a million questions run through your mind! There’s the venue, the theme, the type of cake you want, the invites, and so many more. You’ll be surprised that there are so many things to take care of for a baby’s birthday party!

But not to worry, as a birthday party is nothing compared to all those late night feedings and diaper changes. With that being said, it does take some planning and consideration to make it memorable and fun! Where can you start, though?

From the birthday party themes down to entertaining games, I’ll be showing you some awesome ideas to help you plan your baby’s first party!

Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Here are the five main things and tips to consider when planning a birthday party for your baby:

  1. Birthday Themes

When you’re putting together a birthday party, the first thing you need to consider is the theme so you know what your invites and color motif will look like! If you’re having trouble figuring out what type of theme works best for your baby, think about what your baby loves, their favorite show or characters they love! Having themes related to colorful and fun cartoons like Sesame Street or Barney and Friends is an awesome idea that will be a hit for the family and guests.

  1. Party Games

Of course, your baby’s friends may not be able to understand instructions for games yet! Some nice things you can do to keep your young guests entertained is to have an area for soft play, which is a safe place for babies to have fun while older kids are playing other games like musical chairs. In the soft play area, have a soft mat with baby gates, as well as a lot of soft toys the babies will enjoy.

Story time is another great idea for babies and toddlers alike! Have a grown-up or child sit and read while others listen to the story.

Another awesome game idea would be a baby photo guessing game, which are for the adults. Ask them to bring photos of themselves when they were babies. On the party day itself, hang it on the room with pieces of paper to let the adult guests guess the identity of the baby in each photo. The one with the most correct guesses wins!


  1. The Birthday Cake

Another memorable part of the party would be creating the birthday cake! The first thing you should consider would be the color motif or theme of your party so you’ll know what kind of cake you want. Or, you can even make your own cake. You won’t need to be a master chef. Having a delicious cake mix all give you a good cake without spending too much.

  1. Party Menu

You won’t only be serving cake at the party! Food is also another important element. Consider how old your guests will be. Older kids and adults can eat anything delicious, like pizza, sandwiches, or even some homemade pasta. As for toddlers, you can opt for the same things but in smaller pieces. Just be careful about feeding then food too hard like carrots or celery.

  1. A Planning Timeline 65

It’s best to have a timeline so you can ensure that everything is looked after and done for before the big day!

Eight weeks before the party, begin brainstorming for themes, set a date, and book your venues if needed. Begin making the invitations and organize the guest list and budget.

Five weeks before the party, start writing and sending out invitations. Shop for party supplies if needed.

Two weeks before the party, begin purchasing the party favors and create the menu. If needed, order a cake and begin planning out the party schedule, such as the games and when food will be served.

A week before the party, remind guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet, confirm the venue or entertainer if ever.

Two days before the party, begin wrapping your gifts, working on the food, and purchasing party supplies if needed.

A day before the party, start cleaning the party area, decorate and set up the place, and start preparing the cake (or confirming its order). You can also begin preparing on the morning of the party as well and then put music up. Don’t forget the camera!

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! It doesn’t take a lot of money to create a perfect and memorable party for your baby. With awesome entertainers like Yabadoo Sydney and entertaining invitations made from scratch, you’ll be able to have the time of your life and document it for your baby to watch when she grows up!

I hope that this article on planning a first birthday party gave you some awesome ideas on what you can do. So don’t wait any longer and begin your plans today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on your baby’s first birthday party, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think!