Plan a Personalized Bus Tour of New York City’s Music History

There is a reason New York has often been referred to as the live music capital of the world. World renowned stars, including Jay Z and Queen Bey, might call LA their home but it is New York that plays host to their concerts and gigs through the year.  From Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson to Ella Fitzgerald and Debbie Harry, New York is where it all began. So, in case you and your group of rag tag friends have been meaning to make a pilgrimage to the spots where the story of your legends actually began, there are a few things you might need to keep in mind while planning the tour:

1.   The question of transportation

Depending on how big your group is, you need to choose a vehicle that not only provides ample leg space to everyone but makes sure everyone is comfortable and feeling the beat through the feet. If you are a tiny group of two or three friends, driving a car around might be a good option. But just in case your group is a little bigger than that, you might want to rent a bus instead. Renting a bus has several perks including, but not limited to, letting everyone drink and make merry without being worried about the routes and traffic. Bus rentals in NYC might be the best way to make sure the entire group sticks and has fun together and, when everyone is knackered at the end of the day, it will give everyone plenty of space to just lie down and take a nap on the way back.

2.   Plan your itinerary

The best way to go about such a trip is to plan well ahead. If you do not decide where it is you want to head to beforehand, you might end up wasting a lot of time on the road just randomly debating places. But, in case you are confused about which places you should definitely put on that list, here are a few options:

3.    Carnegie Hall

No music history tour worth its salt can afford to skip Carnegie Hall from its list. This venue has seen the likes of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Jay Z perform and a show selling out here still adds a feather to every artist’s hat. The musical history of this place intermingles beautifully with the artistic, having once been home to Agnes de Mille, Isadora Duncan and Marlon Brando.

4.    Luncheon with the maestros

Playing at the Opry for country musicians is what performing at Broadway is to seasoned theatre actors. This is a swooping four floored jaw-dropping piece of architecture exclusively devoted to Americana. The hum of glorious music fills this grand space from 8 in the morning and lasts way past lunchtime so make sure to lead your hungry buddies to this stop for lunch and a peek at iconic country music souvenirs including Dolly Parton’s unabashed pink dress and the white tuxedo that once graced Johnny Cash.

5.   Head out for a tour of the Bronx

Let the insiders lead you on a glorious tour of the hip hop scene of the Bronx and Harlem and trace the roots of the music you can always groove to at the club. Hush’s three-hour tour of the scene is led by Reggie Reg, who was once instrumental in the beckoning of early hip hop, and his upbeat second-in-command Reyza. Watch as the story unfolds in front of your eyes, punctuated by the endless enthusiasm of your tour guides. This trip should take you through all the important-and iconic-landmarks like the Apollo theatre and the spot where the first hip hop party was help. but before you get lost dreaming about the many marvels of the Harlem murals, make sure you have booked the tour well in advance because this tends to sell out fast.

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