Paving Contractor in Fayetteville


Fayetteville, in North Carolina, houses over two hundred thousand people, with so many interesting sites such as Cape Fear Botanical Garden, the Special Operation Museum and the Museum of Cape Fear Historical Complex. In Fayetteville, North Carolina Paving Pro’s offer the best quality paving services, ranging from residential paving services to special paving services. These services include installations, repairs, and also replacements. The types of paving services offered include;

Residential Paving

These paving contractors have expertise in driveway seal coating and parking lot paving, with the crew having great skill in perfect paving that would satisfy any client. If you need your residency to have smooth and straight asphalt, contact Paving Contractor Fayetteville NC for an excellent job.

Commercial Paving

They offer a wide variety of paving services ranging from commercial paving installation, maintenance and new constructions to repairs and resurfacing services.


When it comes to resurfacing, the crew involved ensures that they come up with a cost-effective solution to resurfacing and new installations that will favor the client on just about any pavement.

Parking Lots

Here, the painting and marking done should be up to par with the city standards of parking slots. These contractors are equipped with the required skill and items to do a good job.


Residential driveways require proper maintenance and perfect installation to last for years. North Carolina Paving Pro’s offer these services anywhere in the world.

These type of paving services offered by the Paving Contractors are of high quality, extensive and a hundred percent reliable, and involve a lot more;

Residential Paving

1.     Decorative Paving

This type of paving can take place on your private road, driveway or even in your yard. The Paving Pro’s’ crew can quickly do it.

2.     Specialty Paving Projects

Such projects include a private tennis court, a basketball court or a garden pathway. All of these projects are within the capabilities of the paving contractors.

Commercial Paving

1.     Grinding and Pulverizing

When your driveway requires immediate grinding and pulverizing, the North Carolina Paving Pro’s offer the best services within a relatively short period, favoring the client in the best possible way.

2.     Pavement Marking

Pavement markings are vital signs to all road users since they direct the user on where to park and where not to. The Paving Pros carefully mark roads to assign the spaces for driving and parking correctly. Spearfishing Tips & Guides – Max Smirnov Website

3.     The paving contractors have experience in new construction as they have worked hand-in-hand with local contractors for decades, gaining proficient skill.

Driveway Paving Services

These contractors offer skilled services ranging from driveway installations, repairs and resurfacing to driveway seal coating. The precision applied ensures perfect results of the driveways constructed.

Parking Lot Paving Services

The services offered not only include parking lot paving, but also excavation, grading of the slots, compacting and laying of the pavement spaces to make them stronger and durable.

For all those who are in need of such paving services, the Paving contractors in Fayetteville will do an exemplary job for you, leaving any client as happy as a clam at high water; previous clients can attest to that.